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Genius: Song Lyrics & More is free iOS app published by Genius Media Group Inc.

Love it but one fatal flaw


for an app that’s all about reading lyrics to music, having ads that take control of my phones audio is really annoying. I hate when i’m looking at an annotation and my music fades out for seemingly no reason! what’s worse is that the ads don’t even play any sound or video which makes this infinitely more irritating somehow. PLEASE fix

Ads are pausing the music

Toads McGeese

The freaking ads on the lyrics and annotation pages are pausing the music! Why would you put video ads on a lyrics app knowing that people are likely using the app while listening to music?

Idk if this is possible but


Please add a feature to search what song your device is listening to. Maybe as a pop up in the suggestions as “what you’re listening to”. If that’s not what they’re looking for, they can continue to type in the search bar as they usually would. I’ve been wanting this since I added the app. I love it.

Love the site but the app’s a mess.


You can’t edit your profile on the app and then. Why is it so hard to annotate it won’t even let me on the app. Are you guys making updates for it to work better.

A must for every music lover


I tried Shazam for a long time. It’s full of glut and hard to just search for a song. This app works awesome—not only from r lyrics but for some Nghia’s discussion as well. I was pleasantly surprised to see one of my favorite artists, Propaganda, co-signed several annotations in his songs. This a great tool to give insight into artists music—granted, it necessitates music that you may need to think more deeply about. Good stuff!

Overall good app but....


Overall, the app works good and I rarely see any glitches and similar problems in the app. Only complain I have (why it is only 3 stars) is IT DOES’NT HAVE GENUIS DISCUSSION!!! They need to add this on the app... I love genius discussion but I hate having to use the web to access it... add it to the app.




Pauses music for their ads


What a joke of an app

Used to be great, update with advertising ruined it


This app was great to use prior to Apple advertising that they also have lyrics. Sadly, with updates and the producers requiring more money the app’s quality went with it. If you’re trying to listen to music and try to read what the lyrics should be interpreted as, good luck. This app is now ruined with advertising, and specifically the ones that interrupt and pause your music to play the advertisement. Trash.

Rap Genius 10/10

New World Stoner

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