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Genius: Song Lyrics & More is free iOS app published by Genius Media Group Inc.



would be better if the lyrics were available for offline download

Useful app


I use Genius daily, and the app makes it easy to view and annotate lyrics. I would really like the option to view album art and the ability to edit my profile photo within the app, but no complaints otherwise!

Spotify complaint


Quit throwing your personal agenda against Kanye into the Behind the Lyrics on his songs. Just give us the lyrics and an unbiased background. It’s super annoying and it’s why I don’t use your service. Well, one of the reasons.

How can I delete my account?


I want to delete my account because I would like to make a new account but with my same email account.

Nickname wouldn’t work

Judd Warrick

Couldn’t get past the nickname function at the very beginning. No matter what I entered it til me it was too short. And it is supposed to look like an email address? I don’t understand. I’m sure this was a cool app but I’m done.



I enjoy using this app when I need to know the lyrics from my favorite songs, but that’s about all this app is good for (which is unfortunate considering there’s a large variety of other things you’re supposed to be able to do with this app) the most helpful feature of the app-The currently listening feature which allows you to immediately view the lyrics for the song you’re currently listening to—No longer works and has not worked in a few weeks now and I have no idea why. I’ve checked all my settings, redownloaded the app several times, etc but nothing is working. I hope this is fixed soon because having to type in the name of the song every time is annoying and unnecessary (and wouldn’t be nearly as much of a hassle if they’d stop suggesting songs that are not even close to being the song you’re listening to because they go by lyrics rather than song titles I guess.)

Doesn’t detect music anymore and interface is too cluttered


The app no longer works as seamlessly as it used to. Additionally, developers should make the experience for users more simple. We don’t want Song Stories on the HOME menu when a VIDEO tab already exists, that’s too abundant. We want a clear interface that doesn’t have Song Stories or at least make those optional to have on the home menu. This app is honestly so disappointing now. The search algorithm is so deluded, I find myself having to type a paragraph to find a song.

Song not there


Recently I downloaded this app because it popped up when I was searching for something else I pressed on the add and it took me too the website I searched up the song the skyluar sisters from Hamilton on the website and it popped up first thing so I downloaded the app for better content keep in mind that same exact song that I searched up was at the top the very first song any ways when I searched it in the app search bar I couldn't find it is it just that you don't update the same songs or that I didn't look hard enough and the app also took 20 minutes too load

Not as good as the website


I wish you could scroll through all of the hot songs and not just the top 20. I wish you could see the top charts in different genres or when you go to an artists page you can see more than their top 5 songs

Ads ruined this app


Incessant, insane and infuriating presence of ads. Switching to a new app.