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Genius: Song Lyrics & More is free iOS app published by Genius Media Group Inc.



Add SoundCloud "now playing" support

Searching lyrics


The app is great for when you can only remember a small portion of a song. Just type what you remember into the search bar and every song with those lyrics pops up with a preview of the line and the words you typed in bold. My only suggestion is that when you select a song from the list, the app should take you to that part of the song rather than starting you at the beginning. Scrolling through the entire song looking for one phrase can be annoying. Especially when you already don’t remember what was sad before it. Other than that, the app could improve from a few minor adjustments. But overall 4.5/5. I love how genius has grown over the years.

Love it


I use it when I wanna understand the meaning of the song and memorizing the songs. AppStore should give this app 10 starts to rate 👏🏻👏🏻

Slow and constantly crashes


When it works, it's great, but that's rare. I keep expecting the updates to fix the terrible search or the frequent crashes to no avail.


Bro! Whatchu doing this for??

Great app, but there’s a problem where anytime I click on a notification, it says “Oops! An error has occurred!” every single time. It’s frustrating.

Issues

Glistening Eyes ✨

Won’t let me sign in with my Twitter account. I’ve tried several times. Let’s me sign in on the website though.

Glitchiest application on the App Store


Got me mad to the point of writing a review



This app desperately needs Spotify support.

Song Recognition ineffective


Love this app for the lyrics, but that’s it. The song recognition (ACR cloud) is ineffective. It rarely ever functions properly. I have had problems with it recognizing songs in my own car when the sound is crystal clear with popular songs from the radio just to test it out. I’m better off recording the songs and using other song recognition programs (which is a hassle) and have SHAZAM figure out which song it is.

Slow startup time


I use this app mostly for lyrics and meanings of songs. I want to replace Shazam with it but I feel the startup is slow on my 6s. Focus on improving startup time and scan experience. I think it's important.