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Genius is your pocket guide to human culture.
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Have you ever been confused by a song’s lyrics? Had trouble understanding a line from Shakespeare or the Bible? Struggled to understand the context of a news article that seems important?

With Genius, you'll never have to worry about this—or anything else—ever again. Genius breaks down lyrics and literature and the news with entertaining line-by-line annotations.


Genius annotations:

- Explain stuff in plain English
- Reveal references and inside jokes
- Define unusual terms
- Check facts and claims
- Give context—how does a piece fit in with the author’s other work? With the genre as a whole?

Genius is like your smartest, most knowledgeable, most attractive friend, but instead of being a flaky pretentious human it's a fun iPhone app.


You’re the genius: highlight some text, tap “Annotate”, and share knowledge about the things you're obsessed with.


Just hold your phone up to the music, tap the soundwave button (powered by Gracenote!), and lo, the annotated lyrics appear! And easily navigate the lyrics for all the songs in your iTunes library.


No piece of human culture stands on its own, and Genius shows you how it's all connected. Start on a Kanye West song and with a tap, you'll find your way to the Bible verse he references, to the T. S. Eliot poem mentioning that verse, to the novel which pays homage to Eliot, to the episode of Breaking Bad where a character is reading the novel, to a news article about the episode!


Solo ranks

I’ve had the app for less than a year now and I’ve been logged a total of 3 times. And every single God Dam time it deletes All of my songs i’ve saved. trash

Nothing else comes close

The best website for lyrics


i want to see comments

The only app for me!!!!


Practically unusable

The app constantly lags and force quits. It has been like this for years and has nothing to do with data speeds as other apps on my phone will work completely fine and this one will not. Particularly if I’m reading lyrics/annotations for several songs in a row, after a few songs, the app will get so laggy that it’s basically unusable. Like someone else said, you have to click the annotation and close out of it multiple times to get it to load (barring ads that will pop up as well.) I used to love genius back when it was just rapgenius but it’s like the developers have just given up.

Love the app and would be better if fixed

This app is awesome and is the only place I come to for lyrics. My only issues are that I can’t stay on the app for too long or else it starts crashing. I want to be able to listen to Spotify while looking at Genius for the lyrics but it always messes with the sound and eventually Genius app crashes. Also, I’m being asked to sign in almost every time I open the app. If fixed, five stars across.

man foh with the issa rae popup
True Ratings

everytime i wanna look up lyrics yall hit me with the same issa rae popup like what dont yall get that i dont wanna see that?? how many times i gotta X outta that, great timing yeah as im clicking into a song to check something up, oh nah lemme put that on hold so i can watch something irrelevant like?? who yall playing? genius whack for that man add an ad blocker option or something yall mad

A little annoying

Everything about this app is awesome except for one part. The part where they repeatedly ask for the password to my Apple ID, even thought I’ve entered it many times before. And it will ask unprompted. It’s very frustrating, especially when you plan on staying on the app for a pretty long time.

Good app but slow and kinda buggy
DO IT!!!!!!!!

Good app but slow and kinda buggy

this app is trash

I’m giving this 2 stars because I do support RapGenius and what they’re doing but this app is borderline unusable. Nothing loads properly and when it does it’s EXTREMELY slow, it causes a black line on the left side of my screen which makes pushing the back button difficult, and it’s just not very intuitive. This is the first time I’ve DLed this app and I did it strictly for the Lyric Cards but the amount of bugs don’t even make it worth it. There is way too much sponsored content that slows the app down, it blows my mind how badly this app was developed. I feel like RG has some decent revenue coming in so there is no excuse to have such a badly developed app.

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