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Genius is your pocket guide to human culture.
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Have you ever been confused by a song’s lyrics? Had trouble understanding a line from Shakespeare or the Bible? Struggled to understand the context of a news article that seems important?

With Genius, you'll never have to worry about this—or anything else—ever again. Genius breaks down lyrics and literature and the news with entertaining line-by-line annotations.


Genius annotations:

- Explain stuff in plain English
- Reveal references and inside jokes
- Define unusual terms
- Check facts and claims
- Give context—how does a piece fit in with the author’s other work? With the genre as a whole?

Genius is like your smartest, most knowledgeable, most attractive friend, but instead of being a flaky pretentious human it's a fun iPhone app.


You’re the genius: highlight some text, tap “Annotate”, and share knowledge about the things you're obsessed with.


Just hold your phone up to the music, tap the soundwave button (powered by Gracenote!), and lo, the annotated lyrics appear! And easily navigate the lyrics for all the songs in your iTunes library.


No piece of human culture stands on its own, and Genius shows you how it's all connected. Start on a Kanye West song and with a tap, you'll find your way to the Bible verse he references, to the T. S. Eliot poem mentioning that verse, to the novel which pays homage to Eliot, to the episode of Breaking Bad where a character is reading the novel, to a news article about the episode!


Good App only issues

The only problems with the app is that the app freezes when i’m on it for too long and takes a long time to load


really good for finding music if all you know is the lyrics, i’m sure there’s some things people don’t like but i can’t find anything that bothers me, truly an amazing app!

This app use to be good…

If you are a person, like myself, who likes to read the lyrics while listening to the song, then LOOK ELSEWHERE. This app use to be great, but now the ads/videos are imbedded inside the lyric text, so as you scroll down the ad will stop your music from playing. Over and over and over again. LAME.

Almost 5 Star

It’s so hard to find songs or albums because the search bar is outdated. For example, I tried to look up a specific album that’s popular and couldn’t find it on the search bar so I had to look up the artist which also took a while to find, then go to the album from there. Please fix the search bar

Amazing concept, ruined by autoplaying ads

I love this app. I use it daily! Learning new things about the music I enjoy is fascinating. The only complaint I have is the ads that auto play audio or otherwise override the media I playing in the background while I browse the app. I have to open control center, tap play, then hope that the next page I load doesn’t have an embedded ad with audio or video. I fully understand and support the use of ads to pay the bills. But don’t let the ads spoil the experience.


For an app that is an over glorified web page, it crashes way too much

Don’t track

When I tell this app not to track me across other sites, the app stops working entirely. Seems quite coincidental if you ask me…

Spotify support?

It seems like Apple Music is the only supported streaming service. Is there gonna be support for Spotify anytime soon? It’d be nice for the app to detect what’s playing instead of me searching for every song I want lyrics to

Remove shake for feedback

Can we please remove that stupid shake for feedback feature, it’s awfully annoying

Can you fix your blank screen issue

It happens every once in a new moon but when it does occur I can’t open the app without it going blank even after deleting and redownloading the app only issue

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