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GenieTalk is free iOS app published by Hancom interfree.Inc

Not much better than google translate


인생이 고난이라면 죽음이 문제가 될까? (Genietalk Translation): Shall does the death become a problem if the life is a hardship? You don't have a clue, do you? (Genietalk Translation): 당신은 실마리가 당신을 하게 하지 않습니까?

so much better than google translate


I think it's awesome for travellers. I speak fluent Korean, and I downloaded this app to test and see if I can recommend it to my non-Korean speaking friends travelling to Korea. I can confidently say I can. There's some work to be done for translating long articles (although it's still better than google translate), but for simple conversational phrases, it's pretty accurate. You'll have no problem getting around, ordering food, etc. You can even have Koreans speak to you in Korean and have it translate for you. Highly recommended!

이런 시


서버연결안되고 먹통되네



Pyeongchang Olympic official translation app. I tried it in Japan and it is better than Google translation. It looks better than any other translation app. I am going to use Genietalk in the future.



I tested this before my trip to Canada. And it works great. Both translation was pretty smooth. Simple and easy function is another 5 star.