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Genies & Jewels - Puzzle Quest

Genies & Jewels - Puzzle Quest will be the most puzzle jewel games in your iPhones. More than 800+ well designed levels are available for all users.
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Best experience, graphics and puzzles on your phones will make you fully entertained in this matching game.

This game is completely unique with other match 3 games because this game let you make matches by moving jewels to solve puzzles.

Genies & Jewels - Puzzle Quest highlight Features:
● Complete different targets to win the level before you run out of time.
● Easy and fun to play, but a challenge to fully master.
● Acres of luscious levels to complete.
● Take on your friends to compete for the best score and see who can switch their way to the fattest onions ever!
● Rechargeable boosters, extras and special power-ups to help with those challenging levels.
● Discover precious in Egypt style graphics.

Genies & Jewels - Puzzle Quest interesting game elements:
● Turn all blocks golden to finish a level.
● Rocks: simple obstacles that can be easily cleared by matching nearby.
● Snowballs: you will get snow balls by matching nearby a snowman.
● UFO: you have to match twice nearby a UFO to collect it.
● Spread ice: you should clear spread ice ASAP or the ice will spread out and cover your jewels.
● Black hole: there are block holes which you can drop useless jewel into. This will be a great help when you solve puzzles in the corner.
● Carriage: when you match nearby a carriage it will make a flying wheel in the oppsite direction to help you collect jewels in a row or colum.
● Big snow monster: please match nearby a snow monster as less as you can. Or it will invoke a huge snow monster attack you with spread ice.
● Windmill: when you match nearby a windmill you can color a leaf of the it with the color of jewels you matched. A windmill can be collected when all of its leaves a colored.
● Wolves: You can match nearby a wolf to clear it. But if you don't it will blink to another position on your board.
● Ice well: Unfortunately ice well can not be destroyed. It will make spread ice every round after you match.
● Dart: Dart will help you collect a jewel when you make a match near it. It is a really great help.
● Of course there are many other more elements waiting you to discover.

Play Genies & Jewels - Puzzle Quest today and join millions enjoying the latest touch craze!
If you love diamond games or jewel match games, we're sure you will love this "Genies & Jewels - Puzzle Quest". If you don't like jewel type mania games, we still suggest you try this one. The strategy & skills inside will make you excited.

Genies & Jewels - Puzzle Quest is completely free to play but there is ads in this game. If you do not like ads you can remove it in settings by purchasing.


~$20 Price Tag to Truly Enjoy

Great game - but unless you enjoy being nickel-&-dimed to continue, you’ll pay extra $ for permanent additional time per level; price for xtra time + ad removal was about $20.

My favorite

I don't understand some of the complaints on here. It 's supposed to be challenging. if you're having such a hard time, take a break for a few days and come back with a fresh brain. Trust me it helps! And the money complaints? I'm on level 197 and I've never spent any money. You must need to strategize with the events. Don't try to do them all, pick which ones you can fully dedicate to.


I downloaded this game about five days ago and feel it is one of my most favorite games on my phone. The bright graphics., fun sound effects, motivating voice, and cheerful music all combined to draw me into a magical fantasy world I could not put down. I highly recommend this game.

Addictive but awesome

I love love loveeeeeeee this game. You do catch yourself spending money sometimes because the game becomes so addictive. I've beaten every stage so I always look forward to the new stages as soon as possible. Some stages are much harder than others but it still makes it very entertaining. If you can stockpile coins, lives and add-on's you should definitely do that for when you reach the stages that are more difficult. But all in all between the graphics and all around game play this is one of my favorite apps and games that I play every single day. Weather for 5-10 mins or sitting here for a few hrs playing. Definitely recommend giving it a shot!!!!!!!!!!

I used to love this game

To me this game used to be so much fun! I used to wake up every single morning could not wait to jump on here to pay! then when the weekends came along my husband and I would play all weekend long I have so much fun on Sundays compare an hour coins!

Challenging new match-3

My new favorite match-3! Super fun and I like making the board golden to get the treasure. Clink clink clink! I always feel like I am winning with the funny sounds the gems make. If you love games like this, you will love the challenges as you go further in this game. I'll be playing this game for a long time.

So far it's great!

I am enjoying it so far, but let's see how it continues to be......

Obviously I'm addicted

I'm at stage 81. I think this has been a fun game to play. I've never bought coins so I've had to struggle through some hard boards. The bombs won't always go the direction you want but that's chance. I prefer to finish the stage without any help, but I tend to use my bombs when I'm SO CLOSE and just can't start over!

Love it!

Love this game. So satisfying to win.

Such a fun game!

I love this game. It is so much fun. I think everyone should try out this game!