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GarageBand is free iOS app published by Apple Inc.



This app is paid idk i thought it was free then i wasted my money for that

Great app

Sophia-guess what...

It's awesome and I love it

This is a problem!


It's not downloading!

Where is middle C


Has anyone noticed that the piano is actually an octave higher than a regular one? C3 is the middle C.

Fix the optimizing issue


As the title states, optimizing has totally killed this app. This new version is pretty much useless unless you have the patience of an immortal to sit and wait for this thing to "optimize performance" every few minutes. I could understand if it was something useful but it kills some of my tracks when it does that and it takes fooooooreverrrr. I see numerous comments about this optimizing issue. So what's up Apple, are you going to fix this broken product that people are paying money for or will you just keep ignoring us?

Would like to use what I made


It's nice. I've had it for a while now. I've just started a YouTube channel and people are wanting me to make intros and out tros to my videos. And I don't want to use what they give me to make them. I want to use something I've made. And with this app I can't save the song I've made to be able to use it. It's really frustrating. Also. Your app support needs some serious updates. If any one can help please do. I'm only upset because I made a sick beat and I can't use it! ?



This app is amazing! So many different kinda of music you can make. I also don't usually review apps but for this one I thought i should. If your into making cool beats and stuff I highly recommend getting it

Crash Alert!!!


So I spent a good 2 days producing a sounded amazing!! I invested so much time into this beat that I was getting ready to record in final production for my group of colleges as a presentation for "the next song" and it won't even record anymore. It keeps CRASHING!!!! I tried everything from lowering my RAM to turning off BatterySaver, nothing. The APP IS USELESS!! Please fix this stupid bug. It'd be shame that this would be the fall for such a great company. It would be a shame to see it whither away from "greatness" This app used to be the junk back then. So I caved find myself literally caved in. It was a trap ?



I have to say that I am quite disappointed. I started using this app in order to fulfill my dreams of being a songwriter. I love music. This app gave me the ability to create it. It gave me the ability to bring my visions into fruition. However, over the past few weeks, I have experienced difficulties that no one in tech support can seem to figure out. When playing back my recordings, the sound goes out. I have gotten a new phone, so I KNOW that is not the issue. Can someone please, please, please fix WHATEVER is going wrong with this app?



The App Store used the wrong card with not enough money on it, please refund so I can purchase with a different card. Thanks...