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GarageBand is free iOS app published by Apple Inc.

Needs more instruments


They need to understand that everyone in the musical world isn't in the guitar or piano world. ADD REAL INSTRUMENTS BARATONE TRUMPET SAZ TUBA ETC



Was looking for an app to make ringtones straight out of the phone without having to connect the phone to itunes and this was it! No need to purchase, or having to go thru all that process of connecting the phone to a computer, so of course I'm giving this app 5 stars ???❤️❤️❤️❤️

Best app ever for music makers! ❤️?


This app has so much to offer and is ideal for musicians! Get this app if you want to make AMAZING music and songs!?

It's awesome but...


I love GarageBand but can you make it to were we can save our songs to our photos? Thanks

Can you please give it a update?

Dragon arrow??

I would like some MORRE orchestra kind of loops


Little girl 225

I can't get live loops

Optimizing takes forever, literally

Yer awn muthr

Almost every recent review says the same thing, it keeps optimizing for at least five minutes. I can't even use this app at all because every time I opened it and tried to play something, that would happen, which completely renders the app useless. A one star review is the worst rating possible but it's totally appropriate because right now this app is entirely useless. I had to delete and reinstall the app (which obviously didnt work) because it was "optimizing" for about twenty minutes before my Ipod crashed and didn't turn on until much much much later. And since this has been an issue for over a month now, the problem really doesn't seem to be getting any attention at all. Fix it.

Pretty Good


This app is amazing, but it needs a playable saxophone, among other instruments like a vibraphone/marimba, and the ability TO CHANGE TEMPO for specific measures. That would be great. Thank you.



More Orchestral Instruments Please.



the best app to play piano