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GarageBand is free iOS app published by Apple Inc.

Live loops

c.u lata!

Live loops was not a feature available on my GarageBand. I searched, searched, and searched but couldn't find it anywhere. But without that problem the game was very fun

Annoying bug makes it hard to record


I record my raps , chorus perfectly, and can play it when I want. But the track (music and instrumental) itself doesn't play unless I restart the whole song from the beginning. On top of that, every time I SAVE THE TRACK AND COME BACK TO LISTEN THE MUSIC DISSAPEARS, all I am left with is my recordings with no music, just a BUZZING sound



I just lost two completely unrelated pieces because of a new bug with the update. If you rare cord, it loses everything. Beyond angry right now. I am not touching this app or changing this rating until it is fixed! ?

Old reliable has sprouted wings

Aka monkey dope

Garage band is now really useful powerful and ready to serve your live needs as well .but here the interface is really interactive and beautiful to use and look at ! what's not to like? Peace Christo

Please...bring back the legato


Many of the keyboard sounds that could not be played as a chord (I.e. Not more than one at a time, like Supergroup lead, digital wave, hip hop sub bass, tempo massimo, sync lead, antimatter lead etc.) now can. This has ruined how I'm used to playing them and some of my songs. Please change them back. This may even be a glitch, because Digital Wave still has a Glide knob, even the legato is gone.

Good but...


Love the game it's amazing but one problem no ukulele. They really should add ukulele because many people like it and I'm also learning it so that would be very helpful while not at home and in public or something but besides that the game is awesome

Loops are too confusing with voiceover.

Zoe 401

I loved garage band ever since my teacher bought it for me. And when I saw the new update, I was so excited. Because with voiceover, I'm legally blind, anyways, as I was saying come with voiceover, it's always been a little hard to make music. And on the iPhone, and on the new update, I can't really adjust the sound quality of the instruments. And I can't adjust the auto play knob. And the loops, don't get me started on the loops. It won't tell me the name of the loop, it won't start and stop the loops, and I just don't feel like I have any control over it. Please, take time to read my review, and help. Please.and then maybe, just maybe, I'll download the app again.because I love making music I think I've always love making music people just don't really they don't really pay attention to blind or people with disabilities. There are very many apps out there that will work good with voiceover. And there aren't very many games that I can play, or apps that I can use. And I went and I just want the apps that I can use to be easy, and so I can use them and continue happily making music. Thanks for listening, hoops, I mean reading

The best

The Facteam

Look if you love music and I mean love music, this app is for you I compose my own beats record my songs mix and Even Master Yes Master my track, the only thing is missing from the app is a "mixer board" that will complete it from me THANKS APPLE FOR THIS AMAZING APPLICATION.

Love it


But can you guys add in autotune in pleaseee and more loops

I can't live loop?


I have an iPad mini and I was waiting and waiting for the update and I can't even live loop? Come on!!!!!!

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