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No more playing games alone!
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GameTree is a #1 app to:

– Make lifelong gamer friends
– Discover the games you were born to play
– Plan your next gaming session

Get personalized friend and game matches based on your gaming tastes and personality.
Just fill your profile and let the magic (actually a sophisticated algorithm) happen.

App includes:
– World’s biggest game list you can find (over 200,000 now and keeps increasing every day)
– An extremely accurate matching algorithm that will find the teammate you were searching for
– A system that keeps learning your tastes providing better connections every time you use it.


F you gametree ..F you people

..this app is horrible. Terrible people and females. F you gametree

Great game

Great app for finding friends and gamers to play with


I haven’t used the app for long but I am enjoying what I have seen so far. Whether you are looking for a group to play with or just merely looking for someone to socialize with on related topics concerning gaming of any console. This is by far the best app I have used period. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for new people to play with or just wanting to have a conversation. 10/10 would recommend ?

It won’t let me verify my email

just wanted to report that it won’t let me verify my email

Banned for no reason.

Couldn’t even get an answer why.

great concept.. but

the concept of this app is amazing. the only issue is it has so many glitches I can’t even use it. so what’s the point of the app?

Turning a gaming app into a dating app

Great idea turned sour! I can’t believe you people have the guts to do something this stupid. There are underage kids using this app all the time to find friends to play with, but now you add a dating function to the app with some crappy guard like age and gender questions? Are you kidding me? 15 year old kids are trying to hook up with hot singles in your area, and all you have to do is download this app. This crap makes me sick. If you guys don’t have a lawsuit on your hands at some point from this stunt, I’ll change my middle name to GameTree. If your gunna try to do this, at least make a separate app.


I’ve met a lot of new friends on this app and most of people are legit. I have no problems with this app, it’s just great!


This app is perfect for finding people to play with! There is no shortage of awesome people to connect with, and the app makes it wonderfully easy to connect with them. I love everything about this app, and don’t have much critique!


I have meet very nice people that will play with you everyday and whatever games