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Galaxy Tycoon: Star Trade &War

Explore, Trade, Protect the Galaxy. High quality idle incremental game with an interesting sci-fi story.
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This is a space adventure theme business simulation and Incremental game.
You’re the captain of the spaceship, you will explore and do business in the starry sky.
In the game, will be able to experience:

>> customize your look, and the personality painting of the spacecraft;
>> explore and trade specialties among dozens of different planets; At the same time, develop planets, collect materials and make products.
>> manage and upgrade the spacecraft to explore more planets;
>> strengthen your armed forces to fight against dark pirates.
>> mysterious tasks and an interesting story.
>> deal with events;


Strategy Games ​     

This is a space adventure theme business simulation game. ‍ ‌   

star wars    ​​‍ 
eiivLn aVe

This is a space adventure fight against dark pirates mysterious tasks and an interesting story.        

space shooting fighting    ‌  

I like this Star Wars casual game so much. The product has a unique picture quality, a rich storyline, and the simulated space battle is real and very fun.   ​   

Space battleship Strategy Game   ‍   
Mr r BuPton

My banking department is ready, please don't invade my planet  ‌​   

Free idle games       

I am ready to team up at any time, Space StarCraft, and build an empire with me      ‍ 

Simulate space planet battle      
tsnigku luao

Too fun, you can also invade other planets, and build your own planet to protect the satellite air messenger ‍    

space game is super fun ‌​    

I like that you can try these ships in a mini test drive game. Excellent.As long as you wait patiently, there is no need to buy anything. I thank the developers for considering the freebie experience and purchase benefits. Developers pay high tribute to developers when creating space games with mobile experience in mind. Many games are not a natural touch experience. This game definitely works. well done!       

Galaxy Tycoon     ‌‍

The game is super fun, it’s easy to understand and quick to pick up and play. The enemies are the perfect combination of fun and challenging and the bosses give you that feeling of achievement whenever you defeat them. The enemies drop upgrades to add to your ship the assist you in your adventure and make the game much easier. There are difficulty jumps that spice up the game if your looking for more challenging gameplay, but of course, with a harder difficulty, comes greater rewards.but my friend has tried it and he loved it. It’s a game that should definitely get a download and should definitely be played. ‍    ​ 

low pressure      
sGman Oineru

Satisfying, low pressure, and they clearly did some homework on the science behind it. It may be out of our reach for now but it makes sense, and the details of the planet changing is always fun.        

Galaxy Tycoon‍  ‌‌ 
PBvel aense

This is probably my favourite game on the App Store to date and I’ve downloaded and play tested over 1,000 games spending WAY to much time in each but I’ve felt every minute to be worth it in Galaxy Tycoon!