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Finally an easy to use FTP client.
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Productivity Free Galia Aviram iPhone, iPad, iPod

This gadget is perfect for most web-developers around, also you can use it to backup your photo album in a very private manner (no need to host them with third parties!)
File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a standard network protocol used to exchange and manipulate files over a TCP/IP-based network.
✓ Password protection for the app
✓ Awesome and easy to use interface.
✓ Edit FILES on the GO! (txt,rtf,html,doc,php,shtml and more!)
✓ Default FTPs connection in case the server supports it.
✓ Add/Edit server bookmarks (no need to remember passwords!)
✓ Multiple profiles to show directories.
✓ Easy to use interface
✓ Upload Images
✓ Create Files
✓ Create Directories
✓ Delete Files
✓ Refresh Content
✓ Local File storage (images/other files)
✓ Upload files from Camera or Photo library
✓ Text file/image viewer and editor.
If you have any questions please contact [email protected]



This is one of the simplest ftp clients for iPhone... Just STOP pushing so many freaking pop up ads. Oh my gosh. Can read .xhtml in-app, and I would love to see .html, .css, .js, and other web in-app viewing soon. That would make this app amazing. Already fits the iPhone 5 screen and no crashing problems.

Nearly useless

The popups would almost be tolerable (ok, not quite) if it didn't mysteriously refuse to show some files. I can't access my own audio files on my own server. The heck?


This app constantly crashes

Crashes frequently

Works ok as a standalone FTP client, but it always crashes when I open certain directories. Some directories have a large number of items in them and also are large in size, so it might be a combination of both. Otherwise, the app would be somewhat tolerable to use. I'd also take banner ads over the annoying pop up ads any day. uploading photos from camera roll is painful since you can only do one at a time and it takes forever for each one to upload. It also renames the photo randomly which I also do not like.

Almost :(

*Would be* a great app if it send pop up ads in your face every 30 seconds. Shame.

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