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Fruit Ninja Classic is paid iOS app published by Halfbrick

What happened?!

Crystal 4456

When did this game change so much? Now there r levels?! No, just no. I licked it when you could earn swords & backgrounds for different achievements. Now you can only get them from leveling up? Seriously? That's so lame! It takes forever to do that! There was a more sense of achievement with the old way! I haven't played this game in forever & now that I'm playing it again I'm very disappointed. I'm not complaining about the entire game though, I'm only complaining about the way you earn swords & backgrounds. It's not as much fun as it used to be.

This is making me a tad mad.


I go to play and every time I start playing more than one game it moves super slow. Like I can't even tell if I've sliced a piece of fruit so I swipe it fifty times and when the game finally catches up, I've missed three other fruits.

Very lagy


It keeps on lagging and freezing I'm in the 30's level and it started to get all buggy



I love this game but there's a bug where the game is freezing in the middle while you're playing. Please fix this

Bugs must be fixed


The game will slow down and when playing sometimes it's really frustrating when I know I would of gotten another high score or earned something new but because the game slowed down I had to close the app