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Fruit Ninja Classic is paid iOS app published by Halfbrick



I literally cannot stop playing been playing for like 6 hours straight trying to best my high score of 876 which is really hard I LOVEEEE this game it's so fun I literally had to keep my hands off the game to write this review and brush my teeth & stuff. Gotta go now, I have to beat that score!!!!!!!!!!!?????

Great but add a few more challenges.?⚔⚔????

Game's horrible

Hello Halfbrick. Sorry I've been away from this awesome game. The graphics are HD-like, the blades literally paint the walls with fruit juice now that they are powered up, and, this is going to go to what this review is about, the challenges are great. But with all that said you should add some more challenges. 1.) "Land a fruit combo of 8 with a Frenzy Banana with the Shiny Red Blade." You actually should really add this feature because it's very challenging. 2.) "Slice 700 Green Apples with the Golden Ember Blade." PLEASE add this one because it is going to include the most recent Golden Ember Blade. 3.) "Open and close the main menu 20 times." Yes, this does sound silly but you really should add it.

Keeps freezing mid game


I love this app, but lately it has been freezing in the middle of my games and messing up my playing. Please fix.

Keeps freezing during gameplay


Pretty much what the subject says. Gameplay slows to a crawl sometimes for well over a minute and eventually comes back. Happens very sporadically. Please fix.

freezes up


very fun, but freezes up A LOT. :/



when playing more then 3 games in one day it starts lagging making it impossible to play

Constant freeze


Would love to give a higher rating. Visuals are great, is fun to play, has level ups... But freezes WAY too often. Will be the only thing going, and it will freeze. You lose all the points for the game and have to wait for a restart. Should be an easy fix...but they don't fix it.

Just Sad :(


Ok,So i downloaded the game like 3 months ago and connected to facebook and got up to lv24.So i deleted the app. Got it just now connected to facebook and Lv4. WHAT THE HELL...



This game... Amazing graphics, very fun! All I wanna do is beat my high score and win blades! My high score is 1000 and something at the moment anyway this game is definitely worth buying! Ty for reading my review bye!

Where's the updates at yo?!!

MtnDewDemon are never gonna up date this puppy huh?!!