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Fruit Ninja Academy: Math Master

The world-famous fun of Fruit Ninja meets the very best in educational apps in Fruit Ninja Academy: Math Master! This is the perfect learning companion for ages 5 – 7!
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Education $4.99 Halfbrick iPhone, iPad, iPod

Join the Fruit Ninjas in an exciting adventure through jungles, temples and ancient ruins! The curious (and hungry) pig Truffles finds himself in a sticky situation, so Katsuro and his friends must journey to find the Lost Tablets of Fruitasia to rescue him.

Different game modes test addition, subtraction, multiplication, sequences and shapes in an exciting combination of learning and exciting Fruit Ninja action. Each game is graded and encourages players to perfect their math skills to achieve a flawless result.

Meet fun new characters, watch an exciting comic book-style story, and journey across Fruitasia collecting stickers for an awesome interactive scene-maker.

Fruit Ninja Academy: Math Master is the ideal choice for parents and teachers to keep kids engaged as they enjoy the fun characters and exciting gameplay they know and love!


This is a Halfbrick Child-Safe App. We built this game with child safety as a priority.

It has no advertising, no data collection, no in-app purchases, no links to external sites or apps. It is just an awesome fun and educational game.

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Engaging and entertaining, Fruit Ninja Academy: Math Master is the right app at the right time for my 6 year old. After spending a minute showing her how the app plays and guiding her through some of the tasks she started pushing my hand out of the way so she could slice the fruit and solve the puzzles all on her own. I suppose it helps that she’s already familiar with the Fruit Ninja play style. FNA:MM covers many of the math bases that my daughter has been learning in Pre-K. Addition & Subtraction practice. Shapes, Sequencing, and multiplication all wrapped in a beautiful… I see this app continuing on with her for some time to come. I’m jealous! All I had when I was her age was an 8-Track driven 2XL. Well done, Halfback Studios. Well done indeed!

I'm impressed!
Fyreflii and son

The math concepts in this game are great! It offers a fun way to explore patterns, counting, odd/even, fractions and multiplication. I applaud this app!

I paid and it won't download

I should've suspected something was fishy with this app in the App Store, as it has no reviews. I purchased it because my son says he really enjoys it at his school on the computer. I just spent five dollars and the product refuses to download to either my iPad or my iPhone 7. Ridiculous. I just checked my current download bandwidth, and it is 80 Mb per second. Clearly, the problem is not on my end.

It works!

So glad we took a chance on this. We figured that obviously Halfbrick knows how to make an app, so it was worth a shot. Our son is loving this! It has a variety of foundational math topics combined with game playing in a truly fun, balanced and integrated way. Quality graphics, too. I rarely take the time to write a review, but want to let others know that this is a quality app.