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Learn or refresh your French, anytime and anywhere with a mobile language lab.
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Education $4.99 24/7 TUTOR INC. iPhone, iPad, iPod

The FUN way to learn a language!

24/7 French Vocabulary has basic language vocabulary in the categories of Family, Friends, Travel, Home, Office, School, Countryside, Around Town, Money, Food, Drink, Clothing, Weather, Time, Date, Pronouns, Thoughts, Adjectives, Opposites, Colors, Descriptive Words, Numbers and more.

24/7 French goes beyond the simple talking phrasebook or flashcard programs, providing a set of engaging, interactive study tools that help you really learn the language.

- NATIVE SPEAKER audio for all words
- Priority based optimization system
- Entertaining PUZZLE GAME
- WRITE IN quiz to test language recall
- New! SPEAK & COMPARE function
- Self contained, network access not required


Foreign Language Teacher
Laura Eshelman

This application is okay if you are already a student of French. The sound is horrible and there are only words in French--no useful phrases.


I'm making good progress on my second language. This is very helpful.

Very Interactive

I really like the interactive way it teaches through multiple quiz methods. I have a hard time time staying focused when listening to language audio lessons, so a highly interactive approach like this one works best for me.

I Like It

What a good app! French pronunciaton is really difficult so being able to repeat the audio in every step helps a lot.

Learning French
steve's new iphone2

This is just what I need ... something that's engaging and won't bore me.

Sara LA

I'm learning quickly and the method really keeps me involved. The priority feature is a great idea because it let's you concentrate on what you don't know and avoid boring repeats of what you already know. The audio pronunciation aspect is good and so important when studying French.

Pretty Good
Mark time again

This program seems to be quite effective for learning vocabulary.

JW student

This is an excellant idea. It provides a bunch of different quiz mechanisms for studying & testing and then keeps score so you can track which categories you've learned well. The ability to hear the words spoken repeatedly is great.

Awful app

This app is a total waste of money. Keeps showing the same limited group of words over and over - and even if you knew them all, this app does nothing to help you string them together into meaningful sentences. Can I get a refund please?


A very helpful tool for studying French vocabulary.

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