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Free Army Training Academy: Mobile Assassin's

Join as a army officer or commando in army academy to serve you nation and your home land. This game is designed on a different concept from all games this game is learning and lesson game. In which you can learn more than hundred tricks and exercises after played this game. This training game is designed by focusing the worlds best armies like US, Russia, Pakistan etc. This game is based on the school or academy where you will be trained, after this, you will be trained from mantel and physical both.
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In this game different exercises you have to perform with a soldier in which you have interested male or female the exercises are following Climb on the boxes, perform high jump, pass through the hurdles, climb on the rope, Ladder Climbing, passing through fire, grill climbing, prone from net, crawling from pipe, jumping from the cars, etc. Different obstacles are placed in the every level you have to cross through the obstacles to complete the level. The time is placed and fixed on every level you have to clear the level and reach on the destination in given time. In every level mad is placed on different places when you touch this mad the health of you solider will be decrease. Pick the health cylinder to fill again the level.

The first character is unlocked and the rest of the soldier will be locked you can unlock them from XPS which you will earn from the level completion or you can simply buy them from In-App purchase in just 2.99$.


A best army simulation game with real military school obstacle course Realistic military training with swimming, jumping, stealth, rolling and more Battle against world’s best military forces like USA, Russia, Pakistan.

Enjoyable Free Army Training Academy will be updated constantly. Please rate and give your feedback for further improvement of the game.



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