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Fort Designer for Fortnite

Do you love Fortnite as much as I do? Then you know that with Fortnite's building mechanic, outbuilding your oppenent gives you an advantage especially in the later game
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Fort Designer lets you take a break from the battle and improve your Fort building! With Fort Designer you can create and share amazing Fortnite Forts!

- Build freely: Just build like you know it from the game without the need to gather materials and watch out for enemies
- Play around with Fort ideas: You can build any Fort you can imagine
- Share with your Friends: Never struggle explaining Forts to your Squad again
- Edit like in the game: Try out new things and practice your editing skills
- Calculate material cost: Understand how many materials your Forts take and make them more efficient

IMPORTANT NOTE: Fort Designer is made by a Fortnite Battle Royale Fan. I'm not affiliated with Epic in any ways. Fortenite is a trademark of Epic Games, Inc. Rights reserved by Epic. This material is not official and is not endorsed by Epic.


So far so good

So far i’ve had no issues with this app it does its job and it does it well.

Bzz fly

So much fun building forts! My only complaint: Needs a “walk around mode” to really explore your fort, also to make building fine details easier

My review I guess
Microscopic Miranda

There’s nothing wrong with it, just it needs some stupid ad-free version to save more forts which I find pretty moronic.

This is a fantastic app

This app is amazing for fortnite Battle Royale and save the world although I think this app is mainly more useful in save world it can be amazing in Battle Royale as well. This app is very nicely organized and the UI is very clean highly recommend downloading and trying it out