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All hands on deck! Pirate armada dead ahead!
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Games $0.99 8FLOOR LTD iPhone, iPad, iPod

Take part in an uncompromising struggle repelling freebooters' assaults. Watch out, the enemy may catch the tide for ruining your fortress. Build towers, collect crystals, upgrade spells and believe in your victory!

Welcome to the unique pirate style Tower Defense. Now the battle rages on by land and by sea!
Two worlds, more than 80 levels, unique ships, menacing bosses and powerful spells - all this will deepen you into the game.

1. To arms! Pirate armada dead ahead!
2. Engage in incredible sea battles!
3. Master the tactics of magic and arms!
4. Defeat powerful and scary bosses!
5. Download! Load! Sink'em all!

- 80 different progressively challenging levels
- 2 unique game settings
- 12 kinds of creatures
- 12 kinds of towers and structures
- Extensive magic system
- In-game store, for various upgrades.
- Fascinating gameplay


can't upgrade the guns

can't upgrade the guns

Enjoyable, but a bit too short

The game is quite entertaining and the graphics are nice. There are interesting enemies & a good selection of towers for your defense. Being able to boost tower & spell abilities allows customization for your style of play. My only complaint is that for $3, the first chapter is all you get with 20 levels and only one difficulty setting. In the game it says more coming soon, but I beat all levels for three stars in less than two days. Still, I had a lot of fun doing it.

Lazy lazy game

Seriously? Is this developer even trying. Repetitive levels. Overly simplistic gameplay. Ugly graphics. Beat all the levels at three stars first time through. This game has potential, but is another game trying to stretch you into purchasing something in-app. Disappointing.

More levels

Where is the update for more levels??Fun game but not very challenging.

New version wiped out upgrade stars!
Big E Pede

Developer - this update wiped out many of my upgrades. My Spells, Towers, etc all have LESS stars next to their upgrade status, before update all upgrades were maxed out.


Great game... Loads the title screen, which, by the way, has great graphics, and then crashes. It's hard to find a game that crashes so well for the price... definitely recommend if you like watching a game never run.

Не запускается
Vasily Pupkin

Игра вылетает при запуске

Addicting game
Crappy but alrightttttt

The most addicting tower defense I've played, the upgrades between levels and the spells give it an interesting twist that other tower defense games font have. It doesn't crash for me and the graphics are amazing!


Very good TD game with nice balance and fun art.


When I start this game it crashes already pls fix this bug

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