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Fort Courage! An exciting free-to-play 3D adventure of the imagination!
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Games Free Human Head Studios iPhone, iPad, iPod

Bored at school and falling asleep in class you dream up hiding out in a fort deep within a dinosaur jungle, sneaking into a forbidden monster lab, and hacking into a robot factory on the surface of mars!

Armed only with your wits and imagination you must defend against waves of relentless enemies. Protect yourself with an arsenal of awesome toy weapons and cool power-ups.

Do you have what it takes to defend Fort Courage?

Features Include:
- 3 fantastic locations
- 9 character skins
- 10 upgradable power-ups
- 13 upgradable toy weapons
- 15 unique enemies + 3 cool bosses
- Over 120 stages
- Over 80 hours of challenging gameplay!


Fun and innovative.

I am having a blast playing the game. All of the characters are fun to fight against. I would suggest getting the 2 fort upgrades right away. Well worth it as you progress.

Fun game

I'm having fun defending my fort!

Action Tower Defense!!!

Having a blast playing this addictive game!

Highly Addictive Game

Ahhhh, I can't put my phone down, I'm stuck on this game! Perfect for a sleepless night.

Fantastic Fort Courage

I honestly dont like to many fighting games but this game is fun because you are pretecting your fort from all sorts of monsters and you get to fight them off to save yourself. Its an addicting game that I love! You can also get coins to upgrade your weapons so the courage will continue!!! :)


This is SO MUCH FUN, and it be free so ya


Fun and addicting


Awesome Game!


Greatest game evar!!!

Better than mw3!

This game is so great. I played it for 14 hours straight in my basement! I also an avid mw3 player and this took priority. I love this game!