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Do you want to predict currency rate movements? Are you tired of boring forex learning materials? Forex Hero is the most effective and fun way for beginners to become successful in currency and stock trading.
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The *NEW* Interactive section "Golden Hours" is the best tool to find out when to trade and when not to. See the forex trading hours in the major currency markets at a glance. Pinpoint the days of the week and even hours of the day when the markets offer the highest potential profits.

Even if you only implement just 33% of the knowledge from this app, you will be able to predict currency and stock price movements just by scanning the news sites.

Forex Hero is an educational trading game for those who want to understand how forex and stock traders make investments by analyzing speeches of politicians, weather forecasts, military threats and even extramarital scandals of celebrities.

Have you ever wondered how George Soros broke the Bank of England and made $1 billion in one day? Or how the scandal of Tiger Woods created a great opportunity to buy cheaper stocks of Nike, Gatorade and other companies?

If you want to successfully predict currency rate and stock price movements, then this is the app for you.

Forex Hero consists of three awesome sections: School, Quiz and Trend Predictor. You will progress through the School and Quiz earning money along the way to unlock the Trend Predictor. You’ll also have the chance to challenge your friends or colleagues and compare your overall game profits.

Download Forex Hero today and enjoy these 3 features for free:

1. Illustrated School (interactive eBook)
- Learn the principles & secrets of currency trading
- Uncover the one rule that many businessmen fail to capitalize on
- Beautifully illustrated & easy to read
- Suited for forex beginners & newbies

2. Fun Quiz
- Test your skills with this cool trivia game
- Earn game money with every correct answer
- Deepen your knowledge with the explanations

3. Trend Predictor (The most popular section among our users)
- Learn the ropes with this epic trading simulator game
- See how pros predict currency movements
- Based on 100% real-world situations

4. Golden Hours (*NEW* interactive tool)
- Find out when to trade forex to get the highest potential profits
- See the best hours of the day and the best days of the week for trading
- Uncover the worst times for trading with the lowest liquidity
- Know the opening and closing hours of the major forex market sessions in London, New York, Sydney & Tokyo

This app is brought to you by the creators of the highly popular eBook series Forex Basics & Secrets in 15 Minutes.

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Thank you for the Forex simplification, good stuff
Suave Goddi

You guys are brilliant, you have a good formula, I appreciate the simple language & the smart scenarios.

New to this style of trading

Very nice lots of information.

Great For begginers

Has a lot of teaching tools and info on the basics to understand everything.

Forex Hero App is a gem. Thanks to the Developers!

As I mentioned above, Forex Hero app is a gem. I’m so happy to have found this awesome app. I was searching for a simple, yet interactive way to learn about Forex, and found Forex Hero. I can’t stop reading and going back to the lessons. The way Forex Hero explains the complexities in Forex is so interactive and easier to understand; unlike complex books with a bunch of boring theory and fluff. I want to thank you Forex Hero Developers for building this awesome app for free! Very much appreciated. 😎 BD

Love it!

Easy enough for even this 61 year old Grandmother to understand ☺️

Very Helpful

Not only this app has helped me through my forex skill but it has also educated me on many ways on how the market will react to different situation. This app is very useful especially for beginners.

Great App!

this app keeps me sharp!


GREAT APP!! Love it

Learning FOREX

Just learning FOREX trading and this app helped me to learn the concept and definitions. Will definitely share this app.

Great way to learn forex

I was really impressed with the clean design, fun way to learn, and ways to practice.