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Forex Hero – trading game is free iOS app published by Fitster Group SIA






Amazing and useful; really appreciated for this app to be.

Great app


Great app to learn the basics.



I have a short attention span so therefore when I am trying to learn it helps if the text is presented in a straight forward way without a lot of fluff. This app is good like that and I love the sounds every time money (fake money, not real) is added to my account. The graphics are great and I love the Trend Predictor because it helps me to reinforce what I just learned.



This app is very impressive, user friendly and is ideal for newbies like me to better understand forex... It makes you look good to if you have friends in the banking institutions which I do and when I start quoting GDP , Consumer Price Index, Inflation rates my friends are blown away Seriously though I love this app and how much anyone can quickly learn about forex and the opportunities available to anyone who wants to be involved in this exciting opportunity.... Transactions of forex Daily is 5 trillion Dollars. That's right don't take my word for it check it out on Uncle Google ..... Cheers guys

FOREX Beginner


I am new to this and this game is helping me learn more about FOREX. Thank you!

Forex simplified!


Forex trading is incredibly complex, but this app does an excellent job of simplifying the material. I'd highly recommend for anyone considering trading!

Great learning tools


This got straight to the point, the trend predictor gives a better understanding as to what factors are at play in the fx markets. Only thing that is missing is a trading platform to test your fx iq

Buena App


Muy buena

Great learning tool

Kai Wen

I am a beginner and this is a awesome app. So glad I found it!