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Forex Hero – trading game is free iOS app published by Fitster Group SIA



The app is brilliant, I was surprised that I can use it for free. So many benefits. Thank you so much



This is an incredible app for beginners learning to trade forex.

Way to start learning and trading


For beginners this is the best way to get started Everything story mode Learning is fun Let me play with it and I'll leave feedback again


Crissy Mo

Brand new to forex and so far it's giving me some insight and hope to some real gains$$$$



Really useful

Good App


I'm new to forex and am learning what seems like a lot from this app. The scenarios are based off prior real life events. I did get tripped up and lose $24,000 because they had Tesla stock displayed as TSL (which is an obscure Chinese company) instead of TSLA which is Tesla Motors and that *small* bit of info would have been great to know before I lost $24,000 of fake money. I'm not mad and feel like this is a valuable app for people (like me) who are testing the waters on forex. I probably would have still lost the money, and understanding the volatility of currency trading was a learning experience. If you'll excuse me I've got to start from zero...

Forex is my hero


It's an amazing way to be able to learn a new way of life!


Harry Saque :)

Great interactive learning. Great information. So far

Great App

Princess Beautiful88

I learned more things than I knew before thanks FX Hero

Learn And Study


Great way to teach you how the market works and how to learn to make money.