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Forex Hero – trading game is free iOS app published by Fitster Group SIA

Great app

newtrader Sonn

The information was clearly and thoroughly explained, I’ve been practicing on a virtual account now have a better understanding of how everything ties together. I will be trading in no time! Thanks

Interesting and fun!

Wish it lived up

I wish there was a way to increase the bet on the trend predictor. I also think playing could lead to overconfidence in actual trading but as a game it’s pretty fun.

Impressive and fun

Pablo LMR

It’s impressive the way it’s been focused the explanation to understand the complexity of FOREX trading market. I’ve been always curious about it and finally I’m getting closer to be ready to try after explore and learn and really fun way through this app.



I was always interested in forex and wanted to know more about it and this game has actually given me everything that I wanted

Very useful app

Dasha MRS

I downloaded it just for fun. But now I understand that it's not only a funny app. With its help I understood how forex works. There is a lot of information and quizes to check my knowledge.

I like it


Previous versions had some bugs but now they're fixed. App isn't boring because new quizzes have been added. All I can say it's useful and interesting

Can recommend


A decent tool to learn the basics of trading in gaming form



This app is very useful and helpful for those who want to master forex trading secrets.It makes the process easy and entertaining.Very good design and tasks to complete!



It`s a very helpful app. It helps successfully predict currency rate and stock price movements. App has a good graphics and comfortable interfase. 5 stars!

It's fine


Interesting app, has a lot of helpful features for easy and enjoyable Forex studying