Fonta - Little Design Studio Reviews

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Fonta - Little Design Studio is paid iOS app published by ThirtyFive Inc.

iPhone X/XS support please


Please update to support iPhone X/XS full screen

No landscape on iPad? Instant fail


Deleted app.

What the ....


Glad this was a free download, this app is frustrating to say the least. It has a few good filters but otherwise I wouldn’t waste my time.

Square? Instagram?

Unknown Apple Client

Sooo like, I see lots of comments arguing about how having the option of it being a square size but not it’s actual size is a problem. It’s been years. And nobody on your team wants to fix this? Can you please add a feature where we can add text to a full frame size picture? We get it that it’s at the end, but that is not what we want.

Difficult to Use


Very non-intuitive UI. Sorry, but if I can't figure it out in a minute or two, it's back to Over for me.

Cool effects but keeps crashing!


Crashes every time I use it at random points in the editing process with very simple processes...and doesn't save the edits. Very annoying. Combined with the lack of hi-res exporting, this is a pass for now.

Good but... Could be better


Fonta does what it says it does and does it well. The main problem is that the output is lo-res and square only. Fine for Instagram on your phone, but pretty terrible on anything with a bigger screen.

Wonderful app, horrible crash issue


I love this app! It just crashes a lot. :(

Very food app


I like this app us very good

Love the feature set… hate that it crashes

UI Guy

This is a very promising app, but it suffers from severe instability. I think it has crashed every single time I've used it before I'm able to save… frustrating to say the least. It might also have to do with the fact the interface is so convoluted that I find myself bouncing back-and-forth between different parts of the program not really knowing where I'm going. Sad… because it really does have promise! Adding a star for this and the fact that—as another reviewer has said, it _is_ free!