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Followers for Instagram Spy is free iOS app published by Fraoula d.o.o.

Don't bother!


This app is garbage. I checked to see my stalkers (people who visit my account the most, whether they comment/like or not) and the list was totally random. Not a single one was someone I knew or followed, nor were any of them accounts that follow me. I'd have to be delusional to actually believe those accounts look at my profile at all, nevermind STALK my profile. Obvious waste of time. Don't bother with this one!



Do not download none of my stalkers even followed me piece of trash smh



This was amazing it actually worked for me and you dont have to pay any money!

Awful - so many ads


I cannot even use the app. I downloaded it and was instantly bombarded with ads. When I click to get out of one another immediately pops up. I haven't even been able to the app yet.

Not sure


Seems like just same "stalkers" .... is this truly accurate, and I know people claim as if we should settle because it's FREE, but I'm sure they make money . Oh well it was a try..



Too many ads. But really good to see who stalks me and what not.



i'm not really sure if this works or not because i'm private on ig and some of my top 10 "stalkers" don't even follow me? i feel like it's a way to get people's passwords and hack ?? i logged out and deleted it 🤷🏻‍♀️

20 Ads


I downloaded this app just out of curiosity. I logged into my IG acct as soon as I did Ad after Ad After Ad over 7 ads then it took me to my safari like really 😡?! Do not waist your time unless you love ads😒😒 I couldn't even use this app I gave up and deleted it after all that.

Too much ads

Gonchar Vlad

Not useful. Too much ads

Garbage. Nothing but ads.


Sat for 20 minutes trying to actually get to the app and it just played one ad after another. Never even got to use it because the ads wouldn't relent. Garbage. Don't waste your time.