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Followers + for Instagram - Follower Analytics

Track your lost/gained followers... PLUS MUCH, MUCH MORE!
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"The only Followers app you'll ever need... and its Free!"

- Who are your best followers? Who are your worst?
- Who isn't following you back? Who did you forget to follow back?
- Who do you like the most? Who are the ghosts? Who posts near by? Far away?
- Track your Average Likes per Photo, Fame Value, and many other stats
And Much, More!!

-You must have an Instagram account to use this app.

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App is misleading
Scott Wilard

Went through all the steps to earn coins and nothing happened at the end, app seems like a marketing scam to sign up for spam

Doesn't Load Anymore

Used this app for years with no problems. Ever since an update, I can't get my follower counts to load and often it has been incorrect. Shame, used to be a great app.

I hope this name isn't taken11

Old version worked great!!!! New version... Not so much, takes days to update.. Will show you're following someone even after you've unfollowed them. Needs fixing ASAP, was a fantastic app but now is inaccurate due to its inability to stay updated.

The app is broken
Random ugly blogger

After I updated it, it logged me out and then when I went to log back in it takes me to a blank page.

Can't log in anymore

Takes me to some polar website with a blank page when I try to log in ? really annoys me. I even paid my own money for this piece of crap.


I used to use instaghost and it was perfect, I even went as far as purchasing two packs on there. but for whatever reason the creators deleted because now I can't look at it on the App Store and when j try to sign in it just says "you are not a sandbox user of this client" smh


I recently downloaded the app again and it won't let me log on, it takes me from the app to and then to a black page. please fix it


i am not paying 1.99 a month for this i already purchased all the packages and now it says i have to buy pro. No


I love using the app until they d cider to update and co players changed it. Too complicated, trying to get you to upgrade. Can't follow or unfollow people from the app, must log into your own insta account. And it's a hassle to use. GOO BACK OLD VERSION

Have to pay every month

This app used to let you just pay for one "pack" and you would have access to it forever but now in order to access anything you must pay by month which is a lot of money ? this is a horrible update