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Simple, stylish and fun finger runner game offering endless play. Just follow the dots with your finger - along a line, around a curve and or zig zag through a bend or split. Trace the dots in the order they appear, without skipping any, Collect bonus points by moving your finger over branch points. Avoid the traps - groups of points that swing, rotate or oscillate. Control the speed at which the dots move by moving your finger forward or back. Lift your finger to pause the game. Get ready for endless fun as you trace dots that loop, swoop and turn to get to that high score. There's gold at the end of that dotted line.
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Games Free Zebu Communications Private Limited iPhone, iPad, iPod

For those who want more relaxation, try out Zen Mode. It has gentler curves and lesser challenges

Follow The Dots is a game for the young and old and everyone in between. It's easy to get going, as you never have to run uphill. But it's hard to master! Once you master it, it will all be downhill racing!

What users are saying about Follow The Dots:

- "Soothing and relaxing"
- "It's a great stress buster"

Have endless fun with
New segments that open up as you gather more dots
Bonus points when you hit branch dots
Challenging obstacles including dots that oscillate, rotate or swing
Varying speed as you move your finger forward or back
New! Collect stars and redeem them for variety of shapes and images like arrow, triangle, butterfly, apple, heart and skull
Cool music and graphics

"Suonatore di Liuto" Kevin MacLeod
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Sound Effects:
McKinney Sound

Zen and dot shape images from


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