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Flying Bear - Honey Battle Game

Welcome to Flying Bear - Honey Battle Game!
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Find more honey bottle and help the Little Flying Bear Escape from the castle, this an amazing relaxing game. In this game, just tired of flying find the honey in a bottle all these with crazy bear between the castle walls?
Flying flappy and flappy your Flying Bear find the honey and take they pass the shadow windows on the castle wall instead to the beehive for more honey .

Simple rules:
- Tap the screen to flap your wings
- Select open the castle windows
- Push strike mode for power up to destroy the close windows
- Get the Easter egg hunt for change to the power up of strike mode
- Go as far as you can

1. Polished graphics
2. More than 20 challenging levels
3. Melody background music

The Hungry Bears Game is simple. Tap the screen to get the honey bottle and pass the castle wall together and crush any of those pesky flying bear trying to pass through! If a single tiny bear manages to flap its way past the shadow windows, then all the bear will fly away to freedom and you will lose the game.

Try to get the highest score and climb the leader boards in this new addictive, simple and endless game! If you want stress relief then this is the game for you!

This game like Crazy Bear Escape games. Help Tiny Bear, keep little Flappy Bear and fighting honey battle game.

It is challenging and fun the whole family!


Great work!
Bobi Larens

This is a good challenge game for killing time. Going on a long journey, you must down load this game )

Vasia Valenkov

Nice gameplay, I could be still playing for hours!

Jassi Swonson

Amazing game great fun to play great time waster in a good way.I advice everyone to get game

Brandon Jatkiss

This is a great game it is so addicting i love it would be perfect.

Cool game!
Jack Wonder_87

This is an awesome game i could play this game all day ))

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