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Flying Bat Survival Simulator 3D

Fly in the sky and live the life of a vampire bat! Search for food (like insects) to survive and explore city blocks as a flying mammal! Meet other bats to join your pack, fight against city predators – we mean cats - and communicate with other animals! Maintain health, hunger and energy rate to set up a swarm of bats with this unusual animal survival simulator in 3D!
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Explore the night sky above the city streets and blocks, avoid being a prey and survive at all costs with Flying Bat Survival Simulator 3D! Fight against other bats or recruit them to your pack! Enjoy being a city blood-sucking nightmare on the leather wings!

Flying Bat Survival Simulator 3D features:
Ultimate flying beats survival simulator
Earn points and raise up your bat abilities
Fight against other city animals and birds
Explore big city streets, blocks, and roofs

Do you love animal simulators? Try this bat simulator, spread your wings and fly in the sky! Check Flying Bat Survival Simulator 3D and live the life of a vampire bat!


A meh game

Um.... No. Hunger bar could definitely use some work. No matter how many bugs I eat, the hunger bar hardly goes up at all. It just keeps going down. Also, I tried to watch an add to get coins, but my currency level stayed the same! (It was a long add too) So this game is not as good as it looks.

Hey ya

Like it but one thing Don’t sleep on the home ? please don’t but you can like it put 4 stars

It's ok but
9 year old girl

You do not get to land on the ground and walk around but if you can add that I will add the fifth star

My opinion

I like the game but get rid of the arrows. Just do the same thing like pigeon simulator. Once you do that I see a fifth star in your future

Good ??but needs changes?

Ok so your a bat flying around I know and I also love bats but please add more it could prob get more stars in the future but right now it's a FIVE!

Needs improvement
Seba girl

Not to be rude, but the graphics could use some work, and so could the hunger bar. Every time I kill something, I eat it, but every time I eat something, my hunger bar goes down. This games need more things that you can do.

Trump supporting fellow

the controls are bad and when you eat the hunger bar doesnt change


It's a pretty good game for what it is. However, it sometimes crashes randomly.

What a bat killer

If you like watching ads and a bat starve I’d get this game. Any time I’m close to hunting an ad stops me but not the bug. It gets away and I’m left starving and annoyed by ad after pointless ad. I wanted a bat simulator, not an ad machine

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