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Flo Period & Ovulation Tracker is free iOS app published by FLO HEALTH, INC.

Love it and it’s help!


Omg! I used to love this app and was heartbroken when I was having issues opening it because I had so many entries I was afraid to lose but I reached out to customer support and they helped me quickly! During the month I was away I used another app and it sucked. I really was wishing my Flo app back into my life and I wish I would have reached out for help sooner! Thanks, Flo!

Great app...just needs one tweak


I really like the look and ease of use of this app. The only thing that needs tweaking is the water intake portion. People should be able to type in their ounces of water instead of only being given 8oz increments to work with. I don’t drink water in 8 oz portions ever...it’s usually 12 or 20 ounces. I would just like to be able to enter the number myself.

More interviews!!!!!

Pig lover33

Love the interviews but I want more!!

Kept losing my data


I really liked this app at first, but now it has lost my period data several times. I find it very frustrating because now I don’t have track of my cycle.

Love this app-one addition!


Love this app for tracking my cycles and water intake. The insight articles are really interesting and helpful as well. However, why isn’t walking an option for activity? I walk A LOT as regular exercise in addition to other things but wish there was a way to log it.

Great app but needs more support for users with irregular cycles


I love the reminders features as well as the insights. Very user-friendly app and very informational. Possible improvements: 1. More prediction/period tracking support for users with irregular cycles and/or conditions like PCOS or endometriosis. Maybe in the “Cycle and Ovulation” section, include a feature that lets the app know you have a condition like that (like a drop down menu or write-in blank), so it can be factored into the predictions. 2. Feature to bookmark insights. 3. Feature to search for insights or articles on specific topics. Thank you for a great app, and I look forward to new improvements in the future!

Won’t open


Ever since the most recent update, I can no longer open the app. It shows the loading/opening screen then crashes. I really liked the app too.

Love the app


I love it but it should have a feature for pregnancy

Too Heteronormative


Love this app for its ability to help track my cycle, symptoms, etc. However, its very heteronormative. Almost every “insight,” includes “hubby” this or that, as well as heteronormative sexual suggestions and the like. Just because I select “protected sex” doesn’t mean I’m hetero and need all the advice in the world about male condoms for my “hubby.” I just don’t think it would hurt to have a bit more to the screening side of things so it could be more personalized. Tracking my cycle, symptoms, and ability to become pregnant, doesn’t mean I’m a certain sexuality. Welcome to 2018 and stop excluding women that vary from the norm.

Pregnancy mode is misleading!


I just wanted to say that I am VERY disappointed with the pregnancy mode on this app. When I switched to pregnancy mode after I found out I was pregnant-it hid my last period dates!!! So I made my ultrasound appointment based on when the app stated my last period was which was a month early-so I had my ultrasound at 5.5 weeks rather than 8 weeks which totally wasted a ultrasound for my insurance to cover! I am so incredibly upset about this-the app should NEVER hide recorded period dates!!! This should definitely be fixed...like now Again-that was NOT made clear-how was I supposed to know that the red color of my recorded periods with the flow notes and all would turn yellow? I truly think the period records should not change in appearance...I do appreciate your speedy response and hope this can be considered in the next update