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Flo Period & Ovulation Tracker is free iOS app published by FLO HEALTH, INC.



Its ok

Best App


This app is amazing!!! Helps me so much to keep track of cycle and is pretty accurate !

Really good


So far it’s been dead on with tracking my cycles.



Been on the app for like a week and I’m very satisfied with it.

I love it!

Alyn Edaj

It’s great! My tracker is always correct and the insights are really helpful! My only suggestion is that we should get a group chat to talk with other users that can relate to things we’re going through. Just a suggestion, otherwise it’s perfect!

Love this!


This app is amazing! From tracking my period and ovulation days to keeping track of my moods, weight and water intake it's been a huge help. Also allows you to set up reminders to drink more water. You need this!

No for me...


Not accurate! Don’t download! I went back to MyDays. I see a lot of positive reviews, but it didn’t work for me.

Can’t restore my data


I am unable to restore my data and don’t want to start all over. I have sent emails with no responses and am not sure what to do to move forward with the app. It was nice when I did have it but I don’t have access to it anymore so the lack of any response is disappointing

No point!!!!!


I love this app, but with the last few updates it was too many changes that didn’t make sense. I picked this app because it was easy. It worked the way I wanted. Somethings were fine the way it was. • My reminder that I set five days before my period starts doesn’t work • It doesn’t tell me when I’m late • I send an email and Flo support tells me to connect them after July 4th because they on vacation, really!!!! • It should be a chat board, it seems like it was something starting up, but I guess that died off. • I saw that the reminder is set a couple days before the period starts. A couple means 2 and periods can come on a few days before. After reaching out to the support team, I get this disrespectful email. The email is telling me that the problems I’m having is the day any time setting on my phone, I might have on power save mode and I might have an app that’s blocking Flo app, WHAT!!! Then it goes on talking I didn’t log my cycle in. I never talked about my cycle with them to be in a discussion about it. Rather them saying they will fix the problems, it’s my fault. I had this app for two years, how dare you. I was just asking to fix the minor things and that’s the response I get.



I like it and it’s great for anyone who just needs to track their period. It’s a little difficult for me to separate my symptoms of depression and anxiety from the symptoms of my period. Like I mark fatigue everyday πŸ˜… it be nice to include a little chart for emotions and symptoms of day to day life that way I can compare and contrast the difference between normally and when I’m on my period. Also it’d be nice to be able to scale the symptoms. Like day 1- light cramps day 2- about to rip out my own uterus and light it on fire πŸ”₯ Thanks for reading my review ☺️