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Flo Period & Ovulation Tracker is free iOS app published by FLO HEALTH, INC.

iPad update needed


Not everyone carries a soul sucking iPhone... please make this app fully compatible with iPad.

Great app but missing something


Hi I have been using this app for a while and I'm confused about why there are no more chat rooms? Reason being i like being able to talk to other girls and help them out and them being able to help me out when needed. Please bring it back.

Not to happy


I’m not to happy about this app for the fact the ovulation days seem to be off. It says I’m ovulating around certain times but clearly was ovulating a little later than what I was expecting I used this app to track my period and make sure me and my boyfriend didn’t conceive just yet and I’m clearly 5weeks and 1day pregnant so I’m blessed yes of course but we were originally planning on waiting I do believe since they go by the normal 14 day period that it’s off bc not ever woman’s is the same and there’s no way to change that. Just frustrating but a blessing came out of it so I’m not to upset but it definitely could use some updating!!

How it’s working.


Thankful for the feature were you can only open the app with a thumbprint or a code because I don’t want anyone snooping through my period logs. But overall so far has been working great, just the organization and sometimes I feel like the articles were too short. There is definitely room for improvement.

I used to love this app


I’m not sure when it started, but it used to work flawlessly. The last couple of months my OC reminder will randomly not remind me. That’s the main reason I downloaded this app, for the reminder that would keep remind me until I take my pill. I’m super forgetful and don’t have a regular schedule with work and school. Everyone knows how important it is to take your OC the same time, daily. That’s how it works right. Really frustrating.



This app helps soo muchhhh now I know when to be prepared so yeah ❤️ and even when you don’t know you can alwayssss change it so🌸.



Love it 💝


a concerned trans guy

y’all are seriously transphobic. gendering everything on the app, and then ignoring trans related question all together. great app other than that??? but you seriously need to make this more friendly for afab trans men and nonbinary people.

Great!!! But needs a bit of improvement


I noticed that Flo has constantly been deleting comments that don’t need to be deleted. Also, please add more chat rooms, it’s really helpful asking for advice and hearing others ask what your to why to ask. Also, you should add more symptoms. That’s all for what I have to say. Thanks for reading! EDIT: Ok you know what I’m sick of it Flo. Girls on here wake up feeling horrible and need advice. It’s your fault because you haven’t added more chat rooms, and none that are really relevant either!! Maybe you should change it to where we make our own chat rooms. Because girls can’t get the help they need because you guys keep deleting comments. And guess what? I’m freakin sick and tired of it. I know your gonna keep on saying “please email this to our customer support team” or whatever because you don’t want the bad reviews. Too late, because we are coming. -Kat

My only critique...


I absolutely love this app. I rely on this for tracking my periods and ovulation, and it’s very spot-on when it comes to tracking. My only complaint would be I wish there was a way I could add what forms of birth control and contraception you are using. For example, adding in if you are on the birth control pill, have an IUD, etc. As well as being able to log in what forms of protection and contraception you used when you had sex. I think just checking off “protected” or “unprotected” is a bit confusing, and I think you should be able to check off if you used a condom, condom with spermicide, dental dam, or even took the morning-after pill. These are all very important things I believe you should be able to log into the calendar. The more details, the better.