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Flo Period & Ovulation Tracker is free iOS app published by FLO HEALTH, INC.

Great predictions

christina baba

Awesome app very easy to use I’ll advice anyone to use it 👍👍

Very helpful! Totally free!


It is really useful because it tracks your menstrual cycle, gives you tips as well as interesting facts, and reminds you to drink water and do exercise!

Reminders Issue


I love this app but however recently I haven’t been getting my notifications to take me birth control.

Muy buena aplicación



Flo review


I love how they give you a feed based on your personal cycle and your symptoms

Nice app


Great for keeping up with stuff and keeping a journal on my phone thats easy to fill out. Just, please, to the Flo team: don’t try to become something you’re not. I don’t want to have to wait through ads or get pestered to buy hygiene products I don’t freaking want from you. Make another app. I love you right now because you’re simple and nice. Please don’t pester your users.



This app is pretty good but I think that a search bar for the insights would be a good idea. And I don’t really understand what the “analyse predictions” actually does but I don’t see change on the calendar.

I love this app

rae gonzales

This app is very helpful for tracking period flow and keeping up with your normal day to day activities. It’s also really cute and colorful!

in my opinion


it’s good for logging your period however many times, the prediction of when your next period comes in imprecise.

Terrible for Young Girls


Under the insights area they have HORRIFIC comments and awful posts about oral sex and lesbian sex. I would never recommend this app!