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Flo Period & Ovulation Tracker is free iOS app published by FLO HEALTH, INC.

Good but


Works great. Has been really helpful to track my body’s cycles. But when I look at the calendar and it shows me at a glance my sexual activity, I wish it would show me the whole picture. i.e. stuff I’m doing for my boyfriend. As it is, it only tracks what I’m receiving, not what I’m giving. So he has no way of realizing that he receives 3-4x more than I do!

Awesome App, just one small thing


Flo is an amazing app that I’ve been using forever, it’s pretty accurate and has many fractures that help me a lot and aren’t boring or hard to understand. My only suggestion is that when you do your insight articles (which are great btw), can you put a comment section on all of them? Because some topics I wanna hear other point of view or ways that they deal with that certain topic because flo is a really great community but I feel like if I were to interact with people more and get more solutions/other ways of looking at it I would enjoy insights more than I already do. Thanks for reading if you did 😂🙃

always late


isn’t really efficient never tells me when my dates are i’ve used for a while thinking that maybe it would get used to me and pick up my patterns but never did BUT this app is very interactive you get to do quizzes and it tells you why you experience what you experience and this app does have many features that other trackers don’t but the most important part (tracking) is a bit off 🙃



I think this is great! I would give it 5 stars but It’s a bit tedious to write in all my symptoms for each day...it would be cool if I could write some in and apply it to a a couple of days to a week or something like that. I also find it just a little bit confusing as far as the graphs go. But it’s great because I do see patterns in my moods and I can see when they are coming up again/patterns which is super helpful. I can plan my days accordingly : )

Good app but controversial articles


I really love this app. However I do not like how it puts controversial articles on the app. Abortion was one of them. Did you know that only 32% of the public label themselves as pro-choice. So please this is the first time I’ve seen an article promoting abortion and I’d ask you to stop right there. If you want to keep users respect our views and opinions! Thank you



I was going on vacation and predicted my period to be coming up but I didn’t know an exact date and wanted more of an accurate prediction. I’d always contemplated getting this app, but never came to it. At the beginning it asked some questions and I tried answering to the best of my ability and even for some I wasn’t sure. After everything was answered, I had an expected date and that morning I woke up on my period! Very good app, I highly recommend if you need help keeping up with your period! It also has some other cool features like ovulation, pregnancy, etc.!

Almost perfect


My old app no longer works so I went shopping for a new one, and this one is almost perfect. My only complaint is the reminders: there's no way to set when you want the reminder that your period is about to start, and the default one is set to like a week in advance, which isn't super helpful. If I could set the reminder to happen a day or two before, it would be perfect.

This app is stupid


It wouldn’t let me put in my birth date correctly this app is stupid and just assumes something without letting you enter something correctly.

Needs more options


I’ve tried plenty of other period/ovulation trackers, and I definitely like this the best. I just wish that there were way more symptoms and moods that were available, not just the four or five they currently have. Other apps show tons of moods, symptoms, etc. No reason why that’s limited here. Add more normal/common options, and this app would be perfect.