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Flo Period & Ovulation Tracker is free iOS app published by FLO HEALTH, INC.

Heteronormative but helpful


Like most menstruation/fertility tracking apps, Flo suffers from a single heteronormative lens. This is seen in particular in the “Insights”, which often reference having a husband, sex as being only with a cisgender man, etc. This really impacts me while using this app because I don’t feel seen as a queer woman who does not and won’t ever have a cis man husband, and for whom sex looks very different. However, it has been helpful in tracking symptoms and getting a big picture of my cycle.

Great, but would love to be able to connect others


The app is amazing and I love all the symptoms that I am able to log. But it’s lacking the partner connect that other tracking apps have. Please add the option to let us allow other to track our cycles by giving them our code or something.



This is a wonderfully used app, i remember downloading it a while back and used it all the time i love the very detailed questions it offers when your setting a goal to track your period or get pregnant or tracking your pregnancy it’s a very great app i could use all the time and thank you for giving the nation an app like this to use!!!

Best period app


I’ve used different period apps before & this one by far is the best! They also give information to keep you educated.

Love it!


This app is amazing, I track my period with it (obviously) and it tells me my symptoms, and how to help them. Also other issues that may occur like breaking out.

Chat Group

kiki xx

Flo, This is such a great app,but I really think a chat Group would do us girlies a lot of good. When we get to comment on stuff, it's almost like we're one big family! We can come to each other and talk about things we are too embarrassed to ask about. We also can give advice and share awkward period moments and stories. Plus it would simplify things were yall wouldn't have to post the little things where we get to comment on! thanks for reading this, Flo user xx



Great app, very reliable . I think more mood types need to be added, i.e. frustration, annoyed,tired, etc.

Obsessed with herpes/Insights are Useless


Lately a majority of my insights have been about herpes, and even though I click “hide this insight” and it tells me they won’t show as many like that, they still do. Idk why I’m getting those insights, I’m not sexually active, never have been, and don’t plan on being for a while, so I’m totally clean of herpes/any other std. According to the developer website “data-driven algorithms generate a personalized flow of useful tips & health insights” and “enjoy daily feed updates with useful tips chosen specifically for you”, so if that’s true, why am I getting crap about herpes? I haven’t even Google searched for anything std/herpes related, so I call BS on those claims. I’m not looking for extremely specific insights, but I’m tired of getting a notification for a new insight just for it to be about herpes, it’s irritating. Is it Herpes Awareness Month or something? That’s the only way the amount of insights about it would make sense. Edit: Just got an insight about abortion. Another topic not relevant to me that I’m not interested in and never will be. Very disappointed. Wish I could get rid of insights all together.



I love this app and how useful it is but i and many others would appreciate a section for any random questions or topics to speak about relating to periods puberty or any subject on those lines


julia bad

It was off and didn’t change when i updated it to become more accurate