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Flo Period & Ovulation Tracker is free iOS app published by FLO HEALTH, INC.

Seriously THE BEST


I cannot day enough about this app and it just keeps getting better. Thank you for educating women on ALL aspects of periods/health (PMS, before during and after period, different symptoms, health tips etc.) I genuinely have learned so much even through the Flo Health Assistant. This app is a must for every woman!



I have been using this app for years and even encourage my daughters to download to track their menstrual cycles. I am going to be 48 and not looking to get pregnant again. Would like to have option to prepare for menopause stage of that stage of my life. I don’t want to have to look elsewhere to log menopause would prefer to have everything in one app instead. More options for sex and sex drive would be helpful too. I give a 3 stars because even though it is an awesome app not very friendly for mature married women entering menopause stage.

Not inclusive enough


I use Flo to track my pregnancy, however have had to move to a different app. The discussion posts always seem to be related to non pregnancy topics. If the topics switched over to pregnancy mode as well it would be a lot more helpful app.

Most useful app


I don’t think I have ever come across an app this useful. I however, would love to be able to bookmark the insights and the thread I am involved in.

App keeps closing out


The app itself is fine. Easy to use and there are a lot of things you can keep track of. It’s highly frustrating that the app keeps closing out on my phone.

Functional, but capitalistic

Narly Sheen

This app seems designed to gather market data to help sell women stuff they don’t need. I do like the pure functionality of the tracking system. The UI is clear. The community aspect holds promise. But I wish the app creators would take this opportunity to spark conversation about women’s right to healthcare and women’s rights to their bodies. The conversation topics seem feel tonally akin to Seventeen Magazine circa 1995. Every day women in the US are weathering new losses in our legal system. You’d think the app creators would encourage us to talk about our rights. But no, they want us to create juicy sexy content for us to encourage each other to stoke their data arsenal to sell to 3rd party consumer goods companies to sell us more stuff to distract us from our dwindling rights. Did women even make this?

Data not save


Used to use this app. After having a baby I was logging periods and the app wasn’t saving the information. I thought maybe I was just not entering it but, the last two time I wrote down the day and time I entered the cycle to make sure it did it. A month later I would check when I should be getting my period and I noticed it didn’t log my last period. It just keeps saying I’m 51days late. This happens every month. I just erased the app. There’s no point

Great app!

Brght 97

Love this app!

Great app but keeps crashing

Kathryn Michel

I’ve loved using this app more so than other fertility/period trackers but every day when I go to I put my data the app crashes and I have to start over. It also crashes in the help section which is one of the most informative and stand out parts of this app, except for when you’re halfway through and it crashes



Love this one I’ve used it for years.