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Flo Period & Ovulation Tracker is free iOS app published by FLO HEALTH, INC.



Really Helps

Great app but could use some improvements


Love the app, good stuff. BUT wish there was some form of boyfriend companion app that would allow the boyfriend to see the same information from my app. 5/5

Better than ever


This app is better than the others I don't have words to discribe This awesome app❗️❕

Simple, easy to use, no fuss


It suits my needs

Persistent glitches


I used to love this app because it does what I want. Now, the persistent glitches (CONSTANT CRASHING) have made the app too time consuming to use. It will crash in the middle of inputting information, reading insights or pretty much crash once the app is open longer than 8-12 seconds!! Please fix this problem already! I keep hoping for an update that fixes this, but no update makes a difference, and if it does, the only difference is accelerated crashing.



Flo used to let me know when my ovulation would start but now I.T doesn’t

Functional but lacks customization


This works fine for me. I’m primarily using it to see how consistent my period is (I’m headed toward menopause). I have notifications turned on because I use the daily BCP reminder, but I absolutely do not ever want to see a notification on my lock screen that mentions my special day or predictions coming soon. This is cheesy and unnecessary, and I’d like the ability to turn it off and only receive notifications about the reminders I opted into.

Great!But didn’t meet all of my needs


I love the app except for the fact I can’t predict when I start my period for the first time. I would like if there was a option to predict my first period. Maybe when I log my Symptoms it could predict my first period.

Thee Best


This is by far the best menstrual app I’ve came across is 3years. It’s definitely accurate especially if I log on a regular basis. The information given after each log gives the perfect insight of what might be happening to your body! Just amazing; worth the download!

Easy To Use

Blubber to hupper

This app is super helpful and easy to use. No extra stuff...just tracks your dates, reminds you to log a period if you miss and that's it! I'm a fan.