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Flo Period & Ovulation Tracker is free iOS app published by FLO HEALTH, INC.

I love this app!!


It’s so easy to use and helpful! I’ve been tracking on my phone calendar but now I can track the symptoms too and get a guess of what to expect for next month. It would be cool if for the flow thing there was a “super light/leaking” option, just an option. Thanks :)

One of the best


It works very well and I love it. However I just wish them at there was an option to let me know if somebody replies to my comment and possibly be able to change our profile image. These are just a couple of suggestions. Hope this helps improve the app. Overall very good app. I would definitely recommend.



I have never found an app this sophisticated! This app is so sophisticated!!!!

Informative and helpful

Tola Expecting Greatness

This app is informative, motivating I didn’t realize how important water intake and diet is to fertility ( I’ve increased my water intake just by having to keep a log of it, and plan to improve exercise activity).

More features

adris varela

I love Flo! It is great but I sure would like it if it was a little bit more customized, like for example with the menstrual flow I think it would be better if it gave you the chance to choose wether you use pads, tampons or menstrual cups so that was we can have an estimate of how our flow is depending on what we use. Also, with the exercise, I can put that I did cycling and running but I think it would be great if we could put how many miles we did, because if I’m not carrying my phone at that time my log only records 1.2 miles which is too little.

Pretty good


I love how the daily log has a variety of sections to answer because of all of the different aspects of life and such. It’s a pretty great app. The articles are a nice touch to read once in a while. Just a suggestion: for the health profile survey, I wish you could select multiple races instead of just one. I know this would take some updates to the survey statistics, but hopefully this could come into play sometime in the near future. I also saw someone suggest that we be able to change the background color/image and I totally agree! It would be so fun to have different images or colors in the background. Anyway, pretty good app. Some suggestions but otherwise you should download it.

Too much!


I thought it did fine tracking my period. What was too much was all the articles about topics that went along with this app. People talking about one night stands, teen pregnancy and so much more. It was more than I wanted.

Thanks flo


Flow is amazing I love this app I just got my first period a while back so it’s so helpful with the insights and interviews I love how people can comment on thing I wish they would start kinda of a group ish thing

Best app ever


This app is amazing

Mostly accurate and great 👍

Luv Pugh

I enjoy this app but it should add a rating for headaches and cramps