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Flo Period & Ovulation Tracker is free iOS app published by FLO HEALTH, INC.

Love everything about it


This app is definitely one of my favorites. I’ve used Clue for almost a year now and have found it nice. However, I downloaded Flo about a week ago and am loving it! It educates me & is very easy to use. I love the design & all the options you can choose for what you are feeling. I’ll be switching over to Flo permanently! :) I do wish that somehow I could link up my cycle from Clue & bring it over to Flo so that it becomes more accurate.

Fantastic for tracking, lacks advanced symptom analysis


I love the presentation of the menstrual cycle (visually screams your ovulation date at you) and makes tracking easy to remember. However personally I've been having a lot of health issues with my menstrual cycle (suspected endo) and it would be really helpful to have more insightful analysis of symptoms. For example, instead of just having a "cramps" option, we could locate where on our body we're having cramps or other pains, like the shoulder pain and headaches that are common symptoms of Endo and other conditions. Otherwise it's a great (free) app.

love the app, but.


i have used this app for a couple months now, and i love going to the articles and talking to the other girls on this app !! but, for some odd reason, they just disappeared!! i cannot get them back, no matter how many times i re-download this app. help ?


I'm on level 34

It’s useful



it’s a great app but to sign in and they ask what year you were born but the latest they have is 2004 😑🤔

Happy but confused


I just downloaded the app this morning. It seems so cool, but I was wondering how to mark that you’ve just started or mark where you are at in your period so far if you don’t know the date? There is probably a way, but could it be made more clear to the users?



I’ve been using the app for a couple of months and all of a sudden I don’t have the section with all the quizzes and discussions. I hope it can be fixed.

It worked!


The first month of tracking my ovulation I got pregnant! Totally unexpected but very excited!


Awesome at cat

Helped me avoid a lot of embarrassing moments lol

Great App


I’ve used this app over the years. I conceived this year. Simple and accurate.