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Flo Period & Ovulation Tracker is free iOS app published by FLO HEALTH, INC.



I would like an option that allows you to mark down a “missed/skipped” period. My cycle seems to think it’s 60 days long and going... other than that, not too bad! I have irregular cycles as well, so it’s not always on the dot, maybe close to five or six days off sometimes. But best period tracker out there so far :)



This is absolutely the best period app I’ve ever had. It’s something that I follow through with, usually I only log information for a week but this app is so fun, social and easy that who wouldn’t want to. I just feel like you should create more backgrounds, other than that I love the app

Great App


Offers many things that you might have to pay for on another app. The Insights are great, I like that they give more info and try to educate younger(or older) users who don’t know much of their own reproductive systems, on the changes that happen. I only wish there were more options to moods.

Awesome app


This app is awesome. After just two months of tracking the predictive alert was spot on. Love this app.



A really useful app!👍🏻

😌Love this app

Randi hugger

This app have been so helpful and I feel really comfortable with it and it makes me not to forget my period it is the best and it tells you things about your period I love it and it can do so much like keeping up with water and I just feel better too (every girl should have this app)

Very informative!!


It has helped me to keep track & also provide sone very important information!



Awesome app! Especially when planning vacations


Ivery 🙎🏾

Update; They fixed the reminder issue that I was having!! Thanks a bunch 😍 I'm not sure what's going on but whenever I mark that I've taken my pill, I continue to get reminders to take my pill!! This didn't use to happen.

Contraceptive pill reminder


I really like this app! It’s simple yet super complete. Nevertheless, it has a super glitch: it won’t recognize your days off the pill. I have my reminder set for 21 days, but it still reminds me during the remaining 7 to take my pill.. this always confuses me and I always end up starting the new box earlier or getting stressed because I think I’m missing a pill. If it weren’t for that, it’ll definitely be a 5 stars app