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Flo Period & Ovulation Tracker is free iOS app published by FLO HEALTH, INC.

This is the best

1235 hello

This app tells me when my period is about to start which is the best this helps me not wake up and have blood all over my pants or self 😊😊😊

Please fix ovulation prediction


UPDATE!! used to be able to change ovulation days but now can’t and it’s very frustrating. Please fix this.also would love more emotions for instance there are days where i just feel blah, not sad or mood swings or normal but just blah and there’s not an option for feeling like that. And i would love for there to be an option for tracking my cervix too love this app it's pretty and really easy to use, it keeps track of your period and every body change you experience during your cycle and it even helps with those who are trying to conceive. I would love if we could chart our cervix changes UPDATE!! I loved that you guys actually read the Reviews and care about what we think thank you for updatingπŸ‘πŸΌ UPDATE!! Love that we can now edit our ovulation day πŸ‘πŸΌ UPDATE!! I love the new symptoms!!

Perfect for tracking

Rachel Haley

This app has really helped me better keep track of my cycle. I highly recommend it to everyone. Even my doctor was impressed with how well it was put together πŸ‘πŸ»






Great app very detailed and a good health tracker

Good, but could use more


This app is amazing, but I would really love to see "Walking" put down as an exercise. Sometimes we don't have the energy to do aerobics during our periods, and biking hurts! I would also like to see some more moods. There aren't very many to choose from. Maybe add some things like frustrated, irritated, excited, in love, etc. I know that most of these can be put under the umbrella of the other general emotions that are listed, but I like being specific. If you are reading this, though, you should definitely get the app! It is great.



I personally use this app everyday. It tracks my steps, health, emotional state, water intake, sleep, everything that I need. I would recommend that they add some fun things to do on the app like customize how it Looks with different colors and the shape of the bubbles.

I love this app!


This app has helped me so much. I have been having a really hard time with my cycles.. very painful. But now I know things I can to prevent a painful cycle. 😌 couldn’t be happier.



Very pleased with this app, it's great and I love the daily logs and the articles and quizzes based on them. No complaints.

Love Flo But

Not executed well.

I’m very happy with this app as compared to previous period type apps I have had. I wish it had a sleep setting though. Because I would love to track my sleeping patterns with my health and period.