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Flo Period & Ovulation Tracker is free iOS app published by FLO HEALTH, INC.

More options.


Recently my IUD fell out and I have decided to leave it out. When I say this app I was like yeah this could work. What really won me over was the so called ability to sync with my Fitbit HR Charge 2. Upon downloading the app this did not happen. My Bluetooth is on and I have troubleshooted with Fitbit only to find out this is not a compatible app. As well as more "how are you" options. I would also like to see an option for work under the "other" and what you do as a job, as most of us who use this app are going to work 5/7 days a week and the jobs and physical stress will be different. As for myself I need articles on how heavy lifting and the physical stress it causes can affect the chances of conceiving or change my period. If this could happen would definitely rate 5 stars.

One tiny thing.

Tholoa The Taco

Okay so this app is amazing and it works great, however for some reason every time after 2nd or 3rd month my tracker always says I’m late when I’m not. I’ve deleted the app about two times and reinstalled the app but every time it still does that. Other than that I love the app but it gets a little annoying with that small “glitch” or whatever you would call it.

Very nice


I just needed something to keep track of when my period was supposed to come and this app gave me that and more. I get to log my symptoms and then it gives me articles about my symptoms. Pretty cool!

Pretty great


This is the best period tracker I’ve ever used. However, I’d like to make some suggestions. It would be nice if you added some more moods (such as anxious, depressed, or grumpy) and definitely more symptoms, I personally get stomach aches (not cramps) on my period. Maybe add an option that lets someone customize their own moods/symptoms? Other than that, this app is phenomenal. I love receiving tips to help cope, and the pill reminder is great. This app could also use some LGBT+ friendly options, as it would be great for transmen to get estrogen reminders, or other forms of advice. I’m not personally trans, but having that would be useful :). Would highly recommend for anyone with a vagina to help track their periods.

Love it


I can log in on different devices & keep all of my info. Helps me track when I’m ovulating & when I should expect my period. It allows me to log my symptoms, blood flow, moods, & water intake. Plus, I can lock it with my fingerprint to keep things discreet! Love it!

Good app but ....


This app totally skips over miscarriage. It offers two options when you turn of pregnancy mode: it was logged incorrectly or it’s just no more. When you click no more it doesn’t say anything it just gives you the option to turn on pregnancy mode again but when you go to the home page, you’re still faced with a huge pregnancy picture. The only way to get rid of the photo is to delete the pregnancy all together. Why?

Good but


I love this app! My only complaint is that it is very heteronormative. Not everyone who uses this app is heterosexual and it shouldn’t be assumed as such. There are their period apps that are not like this and have an option to log sex even if it isn’t with a man. Y’all should add something like that in your app.

Unrealistic Data Input Restrictions


Doesn’t allow you to add flow for longer than three days. If you vary from the “norm” in any way, this app won’t let you record accurate data. Restrictions on data input are wildly unhelpful. Your body’s going to do what it’s going to do, regardless of what an app says.

New Moods


Hey, I see that they’re are a lot of things to choose in the Flo app, but I’d like for you guys to add more moods, besides the current ones. They’re aren’t much to choose from, & there are so much moods someone can be in – besides the shown.

Love it to track my cycle!


Best app I have found to track your cycle and log symptoms and ovulation. It really accurate for me most of the time. I use it all the time! Love it!