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Flo Period & Ovulation Tracker is free iOS app published by FLO HEALTH, INC.



This is an amazing way to track your period! I use it all the time! If your looking for a period tracking app, this is the one to get!

Great Period Tracker

M Hayley

I started using this app about a year ago and it's been great, it's always been pretty accurate. The more information and symptoms you enter, the better the predictions. I love it.

Make chat rooms!


I really like this app because it is very accurate and helpful. I like the new update with the graphs and interviews, but I think they should make chat rooms!

not fond my language


i hope add arabica language

Something else to track


I love the app. helps me keep track of my periods and symptoms for my doctor, but the one thing I wish it could track the most is how often someone passes blood clots. Bc for some women like me that’s what my doctor is keeping an eye on the most.

Love it!!!

Adintali mom

Great app!!! Very accurate and easy to us

Super helpful!


This app has everything!



amazing app i had it for a year now

life saver but could use some changes

Dasha Galaxy

I love this app, it’s very helpful. I love that you can talk to others. But I wish that we could contact someone personally. I also would like to see group chats, where there isn’t really a given topic and you can just talk directly to someone. It would also be great if articles were a bit more helpful. Like explaining something, not just generally stating the issue. I’m not sure how to explain that. But the app is very useful, but I just wish there were more ways to communicate with others.

amazing, but needs a few touches

hailie russell

i love the app, and the articles and stuff that it gives me to help with my everyday life, but when i’m on my period, my flow changed throughout the day. i wish there was a way to change the heaviness of your period on the app during the day, like having a setting for morning, afternoon, and night.