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Flo Period & Ovulation Tracker is free iOS app published by FLO HEALTH, INC.

love this app but...


i have been using this app since my first period and it got the the entire time of my first period right! but i have one issue that many of the women on this app say. a open chat room would be awesome for this app. it could be a place where girls can get advice from other girls and there is no judging or hate. it can be useful for other girls who are afraid to ask there own mom/ sister for advice. i think this is an awesome idea and i hope you will consider it!

Very Supportive


After I switched to the pregnancy mode, I fell in love with this app. I have never wrote a review for an app before. There are short articles to read, and areas to connect with other users who are at the same point in their pregnancy. It makes me feel so much better to have others to talk to.

It Could Use a Few Changes


I really enjoy this app! It’s great for keeping track of your period and ovulation times. So, why three stars? 1) the insights can be really annoying and way off sometimes. For example, insights about endometriosis keeps popping up even though I’ve hidden every single insight and it claims that I won’t get anymore insights like that once it’s hidden. I don’t have endometriosis and I would like more insights on getting pregnant and things like that since me and my husband are trying - I don’t care about endometriosis or how big the labia is and how they vary. I want things that relate to getting pregnant. 2) I wish there were more moods. I think they expect to put anything that’s not sad, angry, happy, or panicky under “mood swings”. I suffer from depression, so often times I feel lonely - which isn’t sad exactly and it’s not “mood swings”. There are a lot of other emotions that I feel that I just have to throw under “normal” or “mood swings” because there just isn’t enough emotions. 3) I REALLY REALLY wish the time was in 5 minute intervals instead of 10. On the android app, it’s in 5 minute intervals, so I don’t understand why it’s not on this app 4) lastly, I really wish they would add being sick at the bottom. “Disease or injury” doesn’t cover it, and when trying to conceive, being really sick is a big part in that and I’m not going to log “disease or injury” because it’s neither of those - plus I really don’t understand why they have disease and injury under the same one when it’s not even close to being the same thing.

please stop showing me insights that are based on age

No emoji655576

I told the app I was 17. Which I am, and I don’t feel the need to lie about my age on an app where it needs my age to work best. But Jesus Christ, the insights it gives me. “Masturbation, is it normal???” “How to make the first move on your crush!!!” “How to start a conversation with your mom about yeast infections!!!” And, to be honest, there are some insights about things that cater to all ages like dieting and exercising. But the worst part about putting my age on the app is that it shows me comments from people who are 13-17. So I see comments from 13 year olds on these insights that leave stupid comments like “I’ve never had sex but my period is 5 hours late, am I pregreannent?????” PLEASE. Either fix the age groups you lump us in or stop showing me these insights.

Fix notifications


The notification I have set for me to take my birth control doesn't work and it will randomly appear at a different time than I set it for

Good app


This app is usually right on time or within a couple of days. I’m happy with it.


Madison Waldman

When I downloaded this app, it didn’t show up on my phone. It still doesn’t. I have to open it through the App Store. And I can’t even delete it because it’s not on my screen!

This app is great, but a few things could make it even better!

Smiley face girl3

This is probably one of the best period tracker apps I’ve ever used. The insights are super useful and I find myself learning more each day. One of the things that could make it better would be in the Birth Control category of the daily log. Right now, there are only two options: “Taken on Time” and “Yesteday’s Pill”. I think a “Taken Late” option or something to that extent would be useful because sometimes I take my pill an hour or so late and I don’t know which option to choose. I also think it would be nice to be able to change your profile picture and background on the Today screen. It could either be pictures from your own camera roll or the pictures could be provided. Other than those few things, this app is amazing and I would highly recommend to any girl or woman!

Best app ever



Total Game Changer for your Period!


This app will completely change the way you look at periods. After using it for several months, you will know exactly when your period is. No more guessing, or wearing safety pads for like a week. It’s all right there. I also love seeing the stats that you can see how long your period is, as well as symptoms during your period. In this way, I have a better idea of when certain symptoms are happening and what my flow is like. You start to see a pattern! Also, the cherry on top is the graphics. The icon doesn’t look like a middle school diary app. It’s clean, sleek, modern, and still feminine, while still being pretty discreet. Love love love!