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Flo Period & Ovulation Tracker is free iOS app published by FLO HEALTH, INC.

The app is really great! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


I personally really love Flo. I love the community section and the daily articles. The predictions are really accurate and the people are super kind! However I would say my only dislike is the premium membership that costs money. There are many exclusive contents and articles that most of the people on Flo would enjoy but can’t because it costs money. I understand that the money is important but I would prefer and so would many others if premium was taken away. But overall I really love the app!

10 out of 5


Simply put, I️ attribute my first successful pregnancy (thus far) to Flo! 100% accurate with ovulation dates and on point with the dates my cycle began before pregnancy! I’m glad they updated pregnancy mode because it was beginning to bore me.

Cute and insightful!

Artsy chick

This app is neat! It’s so nice to leave the period tracking to the app. Even without premium, the app delivers insightful tips, tricks, and fun facts about our body during this time. The app also makes suggestions on how to solve any pain or common questions women have. If you’re worried about any symptom, you can ask the app. Plus, Flo is such a cute name - without being too obvious on our home screen. ;) It’s so cool that someone thought of this idea!

Very convenient


I love this app. The only downside is if you go to another device and try to login it doesn’t save your previous logins 😬

Great but one problem


Flo has been pretty great it’s pretty accurate if you use it a lot but I just started taking birth control pills to make my circle more regular and I set up reminders and at first it was working and then it just stopped and it’s really important that I get reminders because like I said I just started and I need to eat into the habit. Sometimes the reminders will go off like an hour late and sometimes not at all. If you could please get this fixed that would be great and the app would be perfect.

So far so good


This app is great so far. It has a lot of options to mark the accuracy of your period, but I hope there’s an update to have the option of choosing what birth control you’re on. That would make everything more accurate as well.

Used to love it, very glitchy now.


I have always used this to track my period and my pregnancy and miscarriage. It has worked wonderfully until now it’s very glitchy, slow, and crashes. It’s so hard to use without getting frustrated. Please fix it or I’ll have to get another app! I don’t want to lose my data in this app by getting another one.


majo joni

I like this application.❤️

this app is the reason why i dont bleed through my pants😂

carmen giffany

the period tracker is VERY accurate and it almost always gets it on the day it comes and i recommend it to anyone who hasnt tried it:)



I this this app it’s amazing! Alhamdulillah! Nothing would be possible if it weren’t for Allah! Flo helped with tracking my period and ovulation cycles. It help me to know when it was the right time to get pregnant. I am now 22weeks pregnant! Alhamdulillah!