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Flo Period & Ovulation Tracker is free iOS app published by FLO HEALTH, INC.

Scaling symptoms/ Forum tab


I think it’d be good to have symptoms on like a 1-5 scale. For example, I may have acne all month but it may be worse at some times over others. Also instead of constipation or diarrhea it could be a sliding scale for stool firmness etc. Instead of having discussions pop up each day have a forum tab that allows users to browse topic chains to seek insight on topics that interest them but might not have been put on their insights page. Also if having an interview tab is necessary have gynecologists on talking about medical issues of the female reproductive systems it’d be more educational.



Y’all I was never one to track my period and the doctors use to always tell me to find an app. I would go through thousands off apps until I met Flo here 😻🤗🤗. This app tries it best to predict ur period and makes you feel comfortable and empowered through its many articles/slash threads to its community of other users. My favorite part is that you can communicate with other users and connect with them when you feel you cant talk to ur friends or fam. You can check to see if ladies around the world are going through ur exact problems and this feature honestly means alot to me. The app is mad FUN!! I love it so far!!



This app is pretty cool save for the fact it takes FOREVER to load/synch itself & sometimes crashes repeatedly. This is a huge inconvenience & makes me not even want to use it. I’d also like to see a “walking” option for exercise. And maybe a feature that analyzes weight fluctuations with where someone is at in her cycle.



Great app lots of good options for tracking not only your flow but your health, water and calorie consumption, and exercise! PLUS!! It tells you how all of it factors into your cycle (lateness, pms, ect)

It’s okay.


This app is a lot like the others. I was hoping to switch from the Period Tracker by 7 Logics but this app doesn’t allow me to schedule a pill to induce my periods for a certain time every month. At least on the other app I can add the name of the pill Medroxyprogesterone once and just check it every time I use it. In this app I have to write in the pill over and over

Notifications and bring back double insights!

Rose wolfie

First off I like this app. Predictions are pretty spot on and the health insights are informative. I have two problems with it the app. One is that the daily insights changed from 2 a day to 1 a day and the second is that you can’t tell if someone has replied to your comment without having to scroll back through your insights. If we could possibly have chat rooms that would make this app way better. Please do something about both of these problems!!!!!



I really love this app because I could never keep track of stuff before! It’s super helpful!

Just what’s needed!


I reviewed other apps and found a lot of unnecessary additions within the apps that I didn’t need. So here I am! It’s simple to add what the day was like and look back for patterns without adding any unnecessary items. I’m a mom of 2, I barely have time to do anything for me as it is. I’m also in healthcare, and we all know time with your provider is short. Using this app brings up your factual info quickly and in an organized fashion for that crucial time. This app is not only quick, user friendly, and educational...it’s free!!



I really enjoy this app compared to other trackers I’ve used. However, after using it for 1 minute it crashes. I can be logging symptoms and such and it’ll crash. I could be reading the insights it gives me and it crashes.

Good app


This app is awesome tracks my monthly periods and the exact dates as well and when it’s late it calculates when it will arrive