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Flo Period & Ovulation Tracker is free iOS app published by FLO HEALTH, INC.

Issue with O day calculation


This app is great for tracking your period, but if you’re trying to track ovulation, it’s not as good as Fertility Friend (which is a shame, since it’s much prettier). For example, if you get a positive opk, it will go with the next day as your ovulation day no matter what your temps show, even though you can ovulate the same day as the test or up to 48 hours later, depending on your body and when you tested. You can also get a positive opk and not ovulate, with a second LH surge coming later. May not seem like a big deal, but it is important to get an idea of how well you timed things that month. Temping is really the gold standard in confirming ovulation. It’s fine to predict using opk data, but the o day should adjust to align with your temp rise if necessary.



I love this app! Made me realize things about my cycle and most of all become aware of my health and activity

Everyone else seems to like it


I downloaded this because it had so many 5 star ratings but it lost my data after a couple weeks! That makes the app totally useless. I'm annoyed and will go with a different app. Maybe it only works if you log in daily?



Me ayuda mucho



love the app. but can you make a share button so my partner will know about my upcoming periods & symptoms??

One of the best apps there but...


I've tired a variety of different period apps and Flo is by far my favorite. My only complaint is that it doesn't give you an option for your partner to share and view the information. I'd love for my partner to be able to be as informed about my cycle as I am without me telling him.

Post Birth Control Tracking


I started using Flo after having my Mirena IUD removed - I suffered with symptoms from the IUD including terrible migraines, joint and neck pain, and general unwellness. It would be great if the App could adjust/ account for people transitioning off of birth control. I’ve been tracking my Mirena Crash symptoms (foggy head, nonstop headaches, dizziness) and I know that these symptoms have to do with my body adjusting/ hormone changes and aren’t necessarily reflective of my cycle but the app has no way to make that distinction. Would appreciate seeing this added!

Perfect app.


I use it every time im on my period and its just so easy to use. 100% would recommend.


Health & Other things

This is for me to work on the best thing about me doing things with my health and my girly sexy days.



I love the app and everything you are able to do with it!!