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Flo Period & Ovulation Tracker is free iOS app published by FLO HEALTH, INC.

Great App


Best most easy to use app ever. Every girl should download ♥️

Great app, one thing though


Hello, everything is great about this app, the period tracker is getting better and better. But one thing drives me crazy: the app notificates me day by dayto check my statistics. I usualy do it once in a while, but aint interested in them that much,and still i see that red number on the screen. I know it is a small problem, but still i dont like to see unchecked things. Thank you!



So I just started my period the other day and I was kinda freaking out about it. I watched a ton of YouTube videos about periods and then someone mentioned an app that could help. It wasn’t this app, but my friend suggested this one to me, and I love it. So far the tracker thing hasn’t been the most helpful but that is only because I only just started and I don’t know how long mine are. But the articles are very helpful. It tells you what it is like with your symptoms and how to help it. It also tells you not to worry if you are... well worried, and it’s just amazing. I would without a doubt recommend this app.

So confusing


I like the app but it’s so confusing trying to figure out how to tell the app your period ended. Also, there’s no way for you to track your mental health which is possible in other apps. I wish there was a way to not the last day of your period.

Chat Insights


Ever since I did the personal quiz I haven’t had any insights allowing me to chat with others. I loved the anonymous feature and chatting with others was very fun but now I can’t anymore. Please help! Update: I can’t stand the fact that all of my insights are filled with “Always” ads. I have already seen them multiple times. I just want my discussions back :(

I love this app but...


I love this app but it’s not updating my daily steps. My Apple Watch is telling me I’ve almost done 10,000 but my Flo app only says 508? Anyone else have problems?

Simple & Useful


What an Amazing app! Very simple yet very useful. Thank you.

Not very accurate


I got this app because the app I had used hasn’t been updated by the developer in years and it is no longer compatible with the iOS. I’ve only had this a few months and it really isn’t accurate. I have the smart predictions on as it is suppose to help better predict but even when I enter that my period came days or even a week after it was predicted it doesn’t update the guess for the following month. Because I’ve only had it a few month and have had a baby in the last year and only started getting my period back when I got the app I am willing to give it more time. My last tracker was extremely accurate to the day so I really hope this app turns out to be a good alternative

Faster/less crashing


This app takes forever to load & synch, and that’s just when it doesn’t decide to repeatedly crash. You’ve gone through several updates & it doesn’t seem like you’re making an effort to fix this annoying issue. Logging is inconvenient enough, but having to wait for 5 minutes to be able to even do that is frustrating.



I have PCOS and lost an ovary to it when I was 13, so I've been on birth control basically since starting my period. Therefore, I've pretty much always had really regular cycles and never needed a tracker. Now, I'm getting married and going to start trying for a baby, so I was given the ok to quit the birth control by my OBGYN, so I'm using Flo to make sure my cycles are still on track and to see if I'm ovulating. Love the app, it's extremely helpful. I got it to keep track of my cycles, but was so pleasantly surprised to see that it told me which days I had the highest chance of conceiving and to see encouraging stories from other women successfully getting pregnant using the Flo app with PCOS. Great app and great community. Love it.