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Flo Period & Ovulation Tracker is free iOS app published by FLO HEALTH, INC.

the best period tracker


i’ve been using it for about 8 months now and it can pin down my start date within a day, usually hitting it right on the head

Great app but


The app is great I love it! But you shouldn’t have too pay for Certain things because we didn’t ask too get a period.Also I think their is too many updates I constently have to update



Thanks about this program.

Add birth control option


I used to love this app. I would rely on it heavily to keep track of my cycles and make sure everything is normal. However, I got the IUD about a year ago, and was very disappointed to see I couldn’t add that somewhere in the app. I think it’s important to include birth control when it comes to keeping track of your period cycle. Forms of birth control obviously can change your period cycle, and in my case completely get rid of it except for occasional spotting. I was hoping to keep track of the spotting and how often it occurred but this app didn’t offer the option. You can log when you take a pill, but there are many more forms of birth control that I would like to see included in the app. Other than that, Flo is a functional and easy to use app to track!

Every woman should have this app!


I stopped taking birth control because I was tired of taking pills and the side effects so I wanted an app that would help me track my cycle and found Flo. This app is amazing , it helps me keep track of my cycles and plan around them but also other aspects of my day like how I’m feeling , if I got enough sleep, did I drink enough water? It also has so many insightful articles and answers questions I’ve always been to embarrassed to ask my obgyn . There’s also an anonymous forum where you can ask other women questions about real women problems . I wish I had this when I was younger ! Thanks to this app I’ve learned more about my body and my natural cycles .

I loved Flo at first.


Flo is such a great app. I’m almost 13 and the community support is so great. I am currently struggling with depression. I told my friends on Flo, but Flo deleted our messages. That’s not the first time that’s happened. It happens all of the time! They deleted a post that I made that wasn’t even inappropriate! It was on topic too! Flo, if you ever read this, please stop deleting stuff. I will change my rating if you change Flo and make it stop deleting our messages. πŸ’›πŸ–€



I can’t STAND it when it keeps deleting comments from me and my friends it’s fun and all but stop deleting comments it’s annoying and taking the fun out of it plz fix 😑

love this app but ...


this is a great app !! i absolutely LOVE the community section ! and it tracks my period well . i have only one complaint though .. so in the community section i understand that you must delete some comments for certain reasons , but i do not understand why you delete the ones that are helpful towards others . example : someone had said they wanted to commit suicide and i was trying to give meaningful input so they would be safe . but you deleted their message saying they wanted to commit AND my message offering my support . i didn’t give out any personal information or anything , just saying things to help her feel better . that’s all i have a problem with . other than that i give the app 5 stars for its amazing use . the 3 stars are just for that moment bc it was a situation where something could have gone wrong if the helpful comments hadn’t stayed long enough for her to read . ~h✨

Says 12+ but it’s 13+

Roblox raters

I didn’t use this app yet I wish I could but I didn’t want to mess up any predictions on my period I am 12. It said 12+ but in the app it said u need to b 13. Once again I didn’t want to mess up any predictions this app looks really good and I was excited to use it but... I’ll probably use it within a year.



I like the app. It’s really useful especially because I’m a boy. As a transgender man, I know how much better it is to be able to track your period, but it’s also hurtful to read any articles the app suggests because they state “girls” as the word to use for people with periods. More inclusive wording and customization should be available on the app. The app works very well, but just seeing it described as an app for women makes me not want to use period trackers anymore. I honestly feel like the app could get more downloads and 5 stars if it was more inclusive and adaptable to the user. -Ashton