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Flo Period & Ovulation Tracker is free iOS app published by FLO HEALTH, INC.

love this app!


this is the most amazing app. not only because it helps track down your period but because it also is a sort of anonymous way to talk to other people about whatever problem you may be having. while you may think or feel you are alone in a situation, talking to the billions of girls on this app with a huge age range, is one of the most comforting thing ever. no judgement just pure love! this app is amazing.

They sold out to be part of smut media


I used to use flow to help predict my cycle and now they added a forum to share sex story’s. I just want to know when my period starts, not know about what other women put up their butt or how they fee when they queef.

Need faint line

I'm With Flo

Its good. Much better if there is “faint line” to ovulation test result

The best. The end.

nyxx stone

Been using Flo for years on both android and iOS. I’ve literally tried every other P. app and none compare to Flo. PLUS, it’s the only one that has a widget. It’s the best design, best notifications, best details and accuracy. Most fun and helpful community. Simple and effective and all around just perfect. Thank you!!



Information and data is sold to Facebook and various third parties, which then target you with advertising during our schedule. This is not empowering women, this is using them.



I’ve tried the app Clue, it was great but its prediction wasn’t right or it would be days too early or days to late. And it didn’t have enough mood options as much as Flo does. I’m so glad I changed over. It makes more sense. It’s much more organized. And the best part is that it’s protected by my finger print or code so only I can get in and no one else can! I totally recommend to anyone that is hesitant on choosing an mensuration tracker- or even pregnancy for other people. It also helps with reminders to take pills, take steps, sleep more, or drink more water!



I do not like how you have to be 13 to track your period it is inconvenient for children who have there period at 11 or 12

Difficulty with the New Update


I’ve used the Flo app before and I just redowloaded on my new phone, but I’m having difficulty with the new update, my previous P. Logs and history is gone; when I’m logged into my account and I don’t know how to use the app, especially with the what I select doesn’t appear on with the request. I need help



It was a wonderful app until I logged my first period after having my baby and it deleted my entire pregnancy. I’m really sad it’s gone...



This app helps me a lot as I’m getting into women hood.