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Flo Period & Ovulation Tracker is free iOS app published by FLO HEALTH, INC.

Log a miscarriage??


I love love love this app. Currently trying again and this pregnancy just ended in a miscarriage.. I wish there was a way to log a miscarriage because that does effect your next cycle etc.

Love it !


It’s very helpful for the times I go to the doctors and they ask me the dates of my last period. I also like to jot down notes. The only thing that could help me is if they have an option for having Nexplanon on



it's great! i like it. this app really helps because there are little postseason that people can comment on and there is a lot of help there. The only thin hat could be better is it could have a free chat room where people can chat and call and stuff.

Omg yess

teen witha flo

This app is amazing. I can track everything and it really helps with my weight. I love knowing what’s going on with my body. Really recommend especially for teens!!!

Awesome but could use a couple changes!


I really like Flo, I use it to track my periods and prepare for them. It works well and had great quality/layout for a free app. I've been using it for about three months now, and one thing I would like is this: So every day on your period, you can choose if your period was light medium or heavy, and I'd really appreciate if Flo added spotting as one of those options. I'm the kind of person who has spotting often. It's not the same as a light period or no period and I'd like to recognize that. Everything else is awesome! Flo is overall a great app!

Amazing app!! A few updates would make it THE BEST!


Hey Flo!! I love this app so much. I would love to see you add a feature that reminds you to change your tampon/pad/etc and let you log when you last changed them. Also, I think it would be helpful to add a section where you can record the color and consistency of your blood, as well as if you passed any clots. These would make the app even better!! :)


Eva Goetz

I downloaded this app because my friend suggested it to me and within the first couple months it was predicting my period exactly or really close! I love this app because I used to never know when it would come but now I’m prepared. I also love the different tips and articles you can read to improve your health. They’re very helpful especially for me because I’m 15. Thank you for making an amazing FREE period tracking app! -Eva-

Bad algorithms?

Creative and bored

I liked the features, but I was tracking religiously for six months using this app, and was not conceiving. I started using Ovia app and added the six months worth of tracking information from this app into Ovia... turns out they were giving me two completely different time frames for ovulation. I got pregnant within a month of using the Ovia app. I do not think the algorithms for this app are very accurate.

Bring back the comments

Christmas 555

This app is very helpful but it needs more chat rooms the articles that have a comment section are very rare and we love the comments it really helps us talk about our problems and share what’s on our minds. Bring back the comments!!


Chloee franks

I love this appπŸ˜‚ im always prepared for when my period comes (I’m not a robot I swear) but anywaysπŸ˜‚ i definitely recommend this appπŸ˜†