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Flo Period & Ovulation Tracker is free iOS app published by FLO HEALTH, INC.

Super helpful


I’m just starting to try for a baby. It’s been really helpful, and I love all the health insights. It’s not only just for trying to get pregnant though. You can have all different types of goals for your profile.



Adoro esse aplicativo Ele é perfeito :) Você consegue registrar todas as informações necessárias

I’m sure it’s good at tracking periods but....


I was born in 2006 sadly this app seems to believe that everyone born after 2005 doesn’t have periods which I wish was true. I only wanted to try flow cuz my friends who are a year older said it’s great. I don’t like it and the functionality is a little bad honestly I prefer CLUE !!!

Maybe I wasn’t

Lelani Carmen

So I was born in 2006 and that’s not an option like really include all years please! Not everyone starts when they’re 13 I started when I was 11! Not everyone is developed by age 13 maybe they are a couple years early



It is. Great app and a love that I can lock it so I have to enter a password to open it.

I wish i had more stars!!!


This app is amazing for teens! I am a teen who forgets about my period and usually wakes up to a bed of blood. But this app reminds me the night before. It’s also under a lock so no one can access your personal info. One of my favorite parts is it gives you advice and good answers to many embarrassing questions I was to scared to ask anyone! This app is more than a period tracker. It’s a little mom knows everything! And helps out a ton! I cannot recommend this app more! And it’s free so that makes it even better!! I hope you try it today because it has changed my life!

Wrong step count


The steps on Flo don’t match the steps on my Apple Watch and health App 😣. But I’m loving everything else!

Been using since first period!


I just recently a month ago got my first period! (Im 14) So I wanted to keep track since school was starting soon! I love this app a lot and got a lot of advice from the “insights” page and I will be using a lot in the feature.

Great! Except one feature they could add...


Personally, I was impressed by this app, and it got rid of the need for me to calculate approximately when my period would come. I love it! However, a lot of girls who use the app agree there should be another section of the app called Girl Talk, where girls can just ask questions about their period, or sex, or friends, or really any girl problems, and get feedback and advice from the Flo community and the other girls who use Flo.

Flo супер


Очень мне нравится приложение! Помогает планировать свою жизнь! 😇😊