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Flo Period & Ovulation Tracker is free iOS app published by FLO HEALTH, INC.

I love this app but....

Luv Girl Candy

This app has made it so easier for me to track my period and it teaches me new things and all, but recently after I finish my period, it says that my next period will be in 85 days or 69 days and so on. I don’t know if it’s a bug or something but obviously I’m not going to have my next period in 100 days you know.

I’m 12


And I started my period. Is there a problem with early menstrual Cycles? Cause you only allow ppl up to the age of 13 to for your app to be accurate. But I’m 12 and I started my period today. I want this to be more accurate. Some ppl have their cycle early.

Best period tracker!


Didn’t think it would've worked and thought it was a waste of time to keep logging things but after a few times it was right on track with my cycle and let me know when it would come and it did.



Instead monitoring only water intake Flo should have liquid intake because women need more than water to stay hydrated and healthy

Great tracker!


I’ve used a couple other period tracking apps before but this one is really easy to use and has some cool features. I love the insights page and being able to occasionally see other women’s comments. The calendar is just great and shows you everything you need straight up.

features that should be added


the app should add the ability to mark you as unprotected if you forget to log taking your OC for a few days.. also ovulation time even when taking birth control

Adding new features


I’d love for there to be a specific feature that marks your medication (if you take any). Sometimes that can change your cycle and it would be great to add that for tracking:)

Biased “insights” and difficult graphs


The health “insights” offered by the app can sometimes be biased and flat out scientifically incorrect. However, there is no option for sending feedback on these articles. Please allow for a “report” option similar to Instagram or any other platform so that we can give feedback, especially when extremely biased language is being used (“doesn’t barbarically interfere” in a recent post that was super pro-hormonal birth control). These posts become advertisement quickly, discrediting other, objective information offered in other posts. In general I think they do well offering objective information which makes these biased posts stand out even more. The ability to retrospectively add a record of taking medications that weren’t on the list prior would be great. So, if I’ve started taking zinc four days ago but am just now logging it, I have to use the Notes feature until today when I can add it as a medication. More options in degrees of symptoms- acne, for example, could have three levels for severe, moderate, and light? And then, if the graphing options could follow with more flexibility for tracking certain patterns of your body (not just the ones selected by the app) that would be great! The design is excellent and it’s generally enjoyable to use.



My husband and I are trying to get pregnant. I’m not into the strips and temperature taking. This app helps to monitor any fluctuations in my period to better calculate when I’m most fertile.

My first review!


I love this app. I have terrible period cramps and my doctor put me on bc at 13. 7 years later, my period would come in the middle of my pill pack and I would get horrible nausea. I was hesitant to get off the pill because I remembered how bad the cramps would get and I have a full time job I cant just leave because of my period pains once a month. Got this app and it was dead-on accurate (not aways the case after stopping the pill). This allowed me to prepare!! My advil and tea stayed by my side until my period hit, all thanks to this awesome app!! They did take away the comment option- this is disappointing because it removed a “community” aspect of the app, but the comments were odd so i understand why it was removed.