Flo Period & Ovulation Tracker Reviews

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Flo Period & Ovulation Tracker is free iOS app published by FLO HEALTH, INC.


Bella Tharp Reese

It’s kinda of sexist how it makes you pay🤷‍♀️

Love it!

Doomplin Eateer

It got this app very recently so I don’t know for sure if their predictions are accurate (but I’m sure they are) I really like how you can log your symptoms multiple times a day and that there are many options for all of them. Also LOVE the community feature, it makes me feel like I’m not alone. Overall a really good app and would recommend for everyone.

Flo is great, the chats are not.

Regan Rath

This app could be a great period tracker, but the section where you can chat with strangers is not what you think it is. It started out as a period tracker where girls could ask other girls for advice and remain anonymous. A good idea right? But the outcome was not what the app was meant to be. It became a place where girls could go and write lies, so they could be the center of attention. There were some terrible things on the threads, and I’m sure a lot of girls mostly used that app as a way to distract themselves with lies and terrible stories. I wouldn’t not recommend this app for girls looking for a simple period tracker. The idea of an anonymous chat is great, but it didn’t turn out right. Flo is great, but the chats are not. I wouldn’t recommend the app.

This sucked

Marri ❤️

They predicted it very wrong, It had said the 9th but it was the 20th. Don’t get this app if don’t wanna get disappointed. I recommend clue..

Community is raunchy and TMI, extra tabs are upsetting


Great lady-time tracking, it always predicts mine correctly. However, the community forum asks personal q’s about sex lives, and because it’s anonymous, the ladies give waaaay TMI. Creeps me out. Wish I could block it. (Especially if I had a daughter using this app, I wouldn’t want her reading that stuff.) I had a miscarriage while using this app, so I’ve seen the pregnancy insights tabs. I agree with previous reviewer that they hardly give any insights or info, especially in a time where you crave more and more knowledge about your body. Which is WEIRD because the period insights are plentiful, and they are all things I learned as a preteen so they aren’t helpful either. And when I miscarried, these period insights came back and discussed contraceptives in a way that just wasn’t palatable at that sensitive time of mine... AND Now that I feel better, the insights tabs won’t shut up about miscarriage. Wish I could block this tab as well. In conclusion- this app would be WAY better if it was simply a period/ovulation/pregnancy tracker. The extra stuff they added just upsets me.

It is everything you need


Even without Premium you are very secured with this app right here


Albertsstuff Fan

This app is so helpful in tracking my period, and so so convenient. I love how most of it is free, and I love all the articles written to help inform users. Amazing app, five stars!!

I really did like it.


I don’t know if it was an issue after an update or what, but it’s giving me TERRIBLE predictions about when I’m supposed to be starting. I’ve logged enough cycles that it KNOWS I have a 28 day cycle, but it randomly put me on a 21 day and I’ve been thinking I’m pregnant (which is the goal) only to look at the thing more closely and realize it wasn’t even a remotely close prediction. My ovulation predictions keep going wonky, and don’t adjust with the tests I do, they just give me like an absurdly long ovulation window. I’m thinking that I’ll be changing apps, I need something reliable.

Love it !


Amazing !! Been using it for only a day, and it’s really keeping up with me, the more info you add about yourself the better ! Highly recommend, worth the money too !

Still Doesn’t Know My Flo...


Used the app for over a year and it’s STILL never accurate. Started another app and it’s spot on after just 3 months.

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