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Flipgrid - Video for Active and Social Learning
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Don’t simply watch video. Participate and collaborate with video in an active, social community of your peers. Flipgrid gives your students and colleagues a powerful voice. Flipgrid is proven! It has been used in over 20,000 classrooms and organizations across 113 countries.

Flipgrid is an active, social learning platform that engages learners through video-based discussion. The app extends the web-based environment and creates new possibilities for reflection, discussion, demonstration and collaboration.

How will you Flipgrid?

How Flipgrid works:
Flipgrid is easy to get started. Educators create Grids of short, discussion-style Topics to share with their users. Grids are collections of topics around a common theme. Each Grid can hold an unlimited number of Topics, and each Topic can hold an unlimited number of user-recorded video responses.

Topics are short text or video prompts that can include basic formatting (e.g., bold, italic) and links to websites or documents for critique and feedback opportunities.

Response videos are limited to a maximum of 90 seconds to promote clarity, organization, and engagement. Individual response videos can be liked and shared (e.g., Twitter, Facebook) or embedded on blogs, learner management systems, or websites.

For educators, Flipgrid enhances community and social presence in face-to-face, hybrid, and online classrooms. In other words, Flipgrid brings the back row to the front and gives all students a voice. Flipgrid is also a wonderful research tool for collecting qualitative data from individuals or focus groups.

For businesses, organizations, and community groups, Flipgrid helps expand your collective knowledge base and allow you to connect with employees, customers, and collaborators in a unique, fun-to-use fashion.

If you enjoy using Flipgrid, please take a moment to leave a review. Every review helps and we read every one!

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FlipGrid is Fantastic
H Baugess

As an educator, I truly appreciate this app and the people that make it happen. FlipGrid gives students a means to share their voice while listening to teachers to constantly make it even better and easier for them to use. This is one app I could not live without!

What a find!
Words fanatix

This app is so amazing! It absolutely empowers its users (regardless of age) to find and use their voice! I’ve always loved it, but last year while working with a second grader with a speech impediment, it truly became a believer. My student did not like to present in front of peers because of her speech. She wouldn’t even respond on the grid I posted. I offered to respond “with her” instead. Before you know it, she’d reasoned to every post I’d ever uploaded, because this platform liberated her to be herself! #fan4life

Great tool for teachers

I’ve been using this app for a year now in my classes. It’s a great tool for teachers to use to get a different, unique perspective from their students. There’s a great possibility for flexibility, and students can really demonstrate knowledge in a variety of ways. I would completely recommend this to any teacher looking to incorporate more student voice into assessments and general class dynamics.

Should add a delete button:)

It’s a great app honestly 🀯just that people can get the scare of their life’s if they uploaded a flipgrid to the wrong place and let many people view itπŸ˜…so I think that a delete button would be fair.

Do not download

I hate it

Great tool to use in classroom

I think flipgrid is a great app to use in classroom where students can record their voices to share with other people. I liked its worldwide application which would allow my students to interact with anyone from any corner of the world. Besides this, I think this tool is highly useful to explain the course content in form of videos for those who don’t want to write. Thank you flipgrid with you great applications.

Honestly broken

I need this to upload a single video to my class, and alright, that’s cool, not hard. I go to the website, add a video, and oopsie, I need the app or I can’t do it. Download the app, select the video and oopsie, I need to login into google to submit it. Alright then, let me type in the password, and half d the keyboard is off the screen, so I can’t type it. Marvelous

Flipgrid even better

With its newest update, the Flipgrid camera can help in so many more learning situations! The filters help your shy students, the whiteboard makes thinking even more visible, and the uploading of your own stickers allows for annotation of docs. And let me just say, Flipgrid support is #1 if you do experience trouble.

Must have app for empowering student voice

Let’s just start with one of our favorite four letter words....FREE! If that doesn’t get your attention, how about another four letter word....EASY! One of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to celebrate student voice and make thinking visible, Flipgrid continues to empower all learners across the world. From quick and easy set up, to customized control to truly tailor learning to meet the needs of your learners, this is one app that is a must for all those driven to celebrate students.


I absolutely love this app for my students! It is a great way for my students to share their voice in my class, especially the students who don’t like to speak up during class.